eLearning - COVID-19 guidance for clinicians

This eLearning hub has been developed to support psychiatrists and other clinicians working in mental health settings in gaining or refreshing knowledge and skills to support patients and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As there is currently a bit of information overload, we are hoping that this hub will help you select the resources that you need for your daily practice. If you want to make suggestions, please contact Zoé Mulliez, Policy & Campaigns Manager at zoe.mulliez@rcpsych.ac.uk

Resources include a selection of RCPsych CPD Online modules/podcasts, webinars and external resources, which are free to access during a set period of time. Please always make sure you read this in conjunction with advice from NHS England, Public Health England, Health Education England and your Trust.

This hub will be regularly updated with new resources.

Important note: there will soon be new sections on the e-LfH hub with physical healthcare resources for staff in mental health settings. We will include links as soon as those sections go live.

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