COVID-19: Guidance on risk mitigation for Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff in mental healthcare settings

In response to the urgent issue of the high and disproportionate numbers of deaths of Black, Asian and minority ethnic healthcare staff due to Covid-19, the College has produced initial guidance on risk mitigation for urgent implementation across all mental health care organisations in the UK. 

Due to a fast-moving and continuously evolving situation, this guidance and the recommendations will be updated regularly.

The current guidance is outlined in the report:

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Final recommendations

To conclude its work in July 2020, the group developed a comprehensive set of recommendations for the College to take forward on racial inequalities within psychiatry and the wider mental health workforce.

The recommendations, although developed with a focus on COVID-19, became more wide-reaching as it was clear that broader action was needed, encompassing many different aspects of the College's work, both internal and external.

The recommendations will be taken forward by the President and Presidential Leads for Race Equality, as part of the programme of work the College has committed to in addressing racial inequalities.

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