A third of medical students may be put off psychiatry as a career choice by stigmatisation. 

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Choosing a career specialty is one of the most important decisions that medical students will make and one that will shape the rest of their lives.

There is clear evidence of ‘psychiatry-bashing' throughout medical schools by many groups of students and teachers.  Students starting medical school with an interest in mental health considering the possibility of becoming a psychiatrist are often put off their career choice by influential consultants in other specialties.

Despite this, students see learning about mental illness as an integral part of their medical degree and there was overwhelming support for the Anti-BASH campaign at the 2016 National Student Psychiatry Conference hosted by Edinburgh PsychSoc.

This is not a College Campaign – this is YOUR Campaign. Let us know what you are doing to change Bad-mouthing, Attitudes and Stigmatisation in Healthcare and #BantheBASH

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Presentation at Medical Schools Council Student Conference

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