Pathfinder Fellowships

Three-year Pathfinder Fellowships offer unique opportunities to support medical students and foundation doctors interested in pursuing careers in Psychiatry.

Can I apply?

Medical students in their penultimate year of study who are interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry can apply.

We look for students who can demonstrate a commitment and interest in psychiatry.

Please note that if you have previously applied you are not eligible to apply again.

What are the benefits?

The Pathfinder Fellowship award is worth up to £5000 over three years and includes the following fantastic benefits:

  • Mentoring - you will be assigned a mentor to give you advice and support during the 3 years you are a Pathfinder Fellow.
  • CPD Online - You will be given free access to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' eLearning site CPD Online. Over 200 modules and more than 100 podcasts to keep you up to date with new research and best practice psychiatry. 
  • International Congress - you will be given free registration to attend International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists each year over the 3 years. Includes a formal dinner with Academic Faculty and College Officers. A contribution towards accommodation and travel will be given.
  • College events - you will be invited to the Royal College of Psychiatrists for special events to meet senior College Officers and members.
  • Psychiatry related activities – opportunity to apply for other relevant events and activities.
  • Journal subscriptions - you will be given free print copies of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' journals: The British Journal of Psychiatry; Advances in Psychiatric Treatment; and The Psychiatrist.
  • Meet the Pathfinders - your Pathfinder profile will appear on our website. The Facebook Student Associate page and Twitter feed for Student Associates @Choose_Psych allows you to share experiences and will connect you to other Pathfinder Fellows #PathfinderFellowship

The Pathfinder Fellowship is currently not running due to external funding issues. We hope to recommence the Fellowships shortly. 

Visit our bursaries page to find out about other opportunities for medical students, including our new Psych Star Scheme.

If you have any queries please email:

Get in contact to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry