Applying for CASC

Find out how to apply for the College’s core psychiatric exam.

You can apply to take the Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies –otherwise known as the CASC – if you have:

  • worked 24 months’ whole time equivalent post foundation/internship experience in psychiatry
  • been awarded a pass in Papers A and B or you comply with transitional arrangements
  • have sponsorship in place.


You also must be able to demonstrate one of the following:

  • if your post is within a programme of approved training you must have successfully completed the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) by the time you apply for CASC
  • for all other posts you must have successfully completed an assessment portfolio, showing achievement of equivalent competencies to those defined in the ARCP, to include competencies in psychotherapy and child and adolescent psychiatry, or intellectual disability.


How to apply

To apply you’ll need to complete our online application form. You should allow about 15 minutes to complete it. Here you'll be able to update your contact details and enter your training history including medical registration.

Please also have your credit/debit card details handy for payment, as well as the email address and full details of your sponsor.

Below you’ll find detailed information about completing each section of the form.

Any questions? Contact


Contact details

This address will be used to post your results to. If you are already registered
with the College, only your contact details that you previously requested for

mailing will show. You are able to update your details by clicking the ‘Update my

contact details’ button.


Disability and special requirements

Please indicate if you have a disability and/or special requirements that may

require reasonable adjustment.

Candidates who have any special requirements (in the form of disability or
illness) that may affect their performance in the examination are advised to
inform the College at the earliest possible opportunity in order that they may be

assisted where possible.

A medical certificate is often required in support of such claims and will be
considered in accordance with the College’s policy. Candidates with dyslexia are
required to submit a report from an Educational Psychologist with their

completed application.

Please complete the special requirements form (docx) and return to the College

by the close of the application period at the following address:

Dr P. Bowie, Chief Examiner
Examinations Unit
Royal College of Psychiatrists
21 Prescot Street
London E1 8BB

You must provide up to date details of your registration.

All applicants must select their status – Either UK Trainee, UK Non-Trainee or


All applicants are requested to give details of current and all previous psychiatric

posts in chronological order, starting with the current/most recent.

If you have made an application before, your previous training posts will be


You must complete details of your current training post including your status as

a UK Trainee, UK Non-Trainee or Overseas candidate.

Failure to do this will mean your sponsor will be unable to access the
sponsorship page and your application will not be completed. You would then
need to contact the Examinations department to re-set your application.
Your validity period will be displayed as well as any previous attempts.  If your
validity period has expired you will not be permitted to continue with the form
and must contact

For more information on how your validity period is calculated, visit our FAQs. or

download the following guidance document:

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