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An Index to Minds on Film

Here is an index of links to the relevant blog posts discussing specific psychiatric conditions and mental health issues covered by Minds on Film over the past three years.


An Index to Minds on Film

Alcohol dependence 

Alzheimer’s disease

Anterograde amnesia


Assisted suicide

Bipolar disorder/Schizoaffective disorder

Bulimia nervosa

Carer stress

Cerebrovascular accident

Challenging the stigma of mental illness

Childhood autism



Developmental delay in childhood

Divorce - the effects on teenage children

Domestic violence


Epilepsy and psychiatric illness

Grief for the loss of a child

Growing up in Care

HIV related dementia

Homelessness and psychiatric morbidity


Locked in syndrome


Morbid jealousy

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Personality disorder

Problem gambling



Sexuality - changing in later life


Suicide/Attempted suicide

Tourette’s syndrome

Transgender issues

Uncomplicated Grief

Unemployment and psychiatric morbidity

Vascular Dementia

Minds on Film is written by Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Joyce Almeida

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Re: An Index to Minds on Film
I've got a few suggestions for other films to review:

Robot and Frank (2012) - dementia
Clean, Shaven (1994) - schizophrenia
Re: An Index to Minds on Film
I also have another auggestion:
Waltz With Bashir deals with the author's/director's PTSD and documents it in a fascinating way, yet true to the psychiatric concepts.
Re: An Index to Minds on Film
What's eating Gilbert Grape- Caring for someone with Autism and challenging behaviour
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Minds on Film is a monthly blog that explores psychiatric conditions and mental health issues as portrayed in a selection of readily available films.

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