Re: The Sea Inside


Christina Tripp



I turned the tv on and The Sea Inside came on, i sat and watched it, the fact that it was subtitled didn't hinder my viewing. I was enthralled and drawn into the story, with its complexities, about relationships. I had never heard of Ramon' before, out of interest i googled the title and the information was it was based on a real life events. I don't judge his actions. The film, however, gave as much insight into Ramon's mind as it could. It is a sensitive subject matter. The film itself was sensitive and had a certain sensuality to it, i.e softness. I will say for certain, its easirer to be on the outside looking in, than in the persons mind, thats what being judged, sad isnt it that even that piece of freedon is denied santuary.. a beautiful film. I hope it has a positive note for the future....
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