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Sometimes you need a tornado

Day 10 - Green scene

Meeting with GRT at Hargeisa group Hospital at mental health ward. I met Julie who I can describe as a tornado of dynamism and optimism sweeping through a severely necrotic ward. Julie is experienced in this type of work. She has a background in Darfur, arctic and other difficult areas. She covers this hospital and one in Bossasso in Somalia.

I can’t keep up with her enthusiasm and drive. She is an inspiration. We have tried over the years to change the ward. But maybe sometimes you need a tornado.

Mock OSCE exams

Day 11 - Mock OSCE exams

This is a trial run for the next year’s finals. The 5th year students partake.

There are no psychiatry stations. However, I am examining in a station where the doctor has to break the bad news of a HIV diagnosis. There is work to do in improving the communications skills here. Students tend not to give time to listen and don’t allow the patient to express their sorrow and grief at the news. I heard people say – this is actually good news! I don’t think so. The exams, after a delayed start, run like clockwork.

The president of Hargeisa University has sadly been killed in car crash so there is a sad atmosphere and the celebration for the new graduates is cancelled for that night.


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Re: Sometimes you need a torna
how diagnosing phapsocyths vs. sociopaths and misdiagnoses for depression/bipolar disorder and the lack of proper treatment/diagnoses for pretty much every mental disorder, especially eating disorders. Also there is a debate between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) vs. Obsessive Compulsive Personalty Disorder (OCPD) Hope this helps. Was this answer helpful?
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