Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Annual Conference - Abstracts & Presentations

This page provides all the information you will need about the 2019 Faculty Conference. Following the event we will add presentations from the three days to this website.

As part of the College commitment to sustainability, printed copies of the abstracts will not be available at the conference. You can download copies of these and the full programme from this website.

Conference presentations

Who remains? The patient that cannot be released - Alexander Dvorak

CALMED Trial Aims and Design - Dr Katina Anagnostakis

Forensic psychiatry in Europe: Legal frameworks frameworks frameworks and service provision - Birgit Völlm

A brief review of the evidence for the pharmacological treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder - Into Qurashi

Prevalence of ASD in Prisons - Louise Robinson

Masterclass in Prison Mental Health Services - Roland Jones, Michael Martin, Tonia Nicholls, Sandy Simpson

From suicide prevention to homicide prevention - Dr John Crichton

Developing an Evidence Base for Managing Self-harm for Women in Prison - Dr Louise Robinson

Clinicians’ awareness of staff - patient dynamics and processing emotional impact; determining validity and reliability of The Relational Aspects of CarE scale (TRACE) - Dr Helen Walker, Dr Adam Polnay & Chris Gallacher

Novel Psychoactive Substances - Derek Tracy

Treatment of offenders regarded as not guilty for reasons of insanity in Austrian forensic institutions - Dr Alexander Dvorak, Dr Gerhard Ortwein-Swoboda, Dr David Holzer, Dr Sergio Rosales-Rodriguez,

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