Mental Health Services and the African and African-Caribbean Diaspora Online Conference 2020

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Poster gallery

  1. The Black Patients’ Journey: Institutional Racism Within Psychiatry - Hannah Cooney, Micaela Briscoe, Béranger Igiraneza

  2. The Cross-Cultural Applicability of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Northern Ugandan perspective - Dr Clara Evangeline Hollingworth

  3. Using Balint Group to Discuss Interactions with Patients and Colleagues Regarding Race and Ethnicity - Dr Ella McGowan, CT2 Trainee, Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  4. Substance Use Determinants in Jamaican Under-25s: roles of Family, Peers, Spirituality and Maltreatment - Oliver Sargent (4th year medical student, University of Leeds)  Mayeh Omar (Associate Professor, University of Leeds)

  5. Audit on the documentation of ethnicity within CAMHS - Dr Charlotte Scott, Dr Roger Lakin



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