Faculty of Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Conference 2020

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Poster gallery for 1st October

  1. Effectiveness of remote consultations in people with intellectual disabilities: service user perspective - Dr Vibha Shah, Dr Bini Thomas

  2. The use of electroconvulsive therapy for people with Intellectual Disability – Clinicians, patients and carers perspective. (A literature review) - Dr Rabia Khan

  3. Assessing and managing risk of violence: using risk profiling tools and where to find specialist help - Dr Phil Temple, Professor Regi Alexander

  4. Prescribing of Rescue Buccal Midazolam for People with Learning Disabilities with Epilepsy - Dr Fran Ward, Dr Katie Ewart, Dr Kirsty Bates

  5. A survey to review the impact of Covid-19 on the mental wellbeing of patients with an Intellectual disability - Dr Sophie Shardlow, Dr Indermeet Sawhney

  6. Withdrawn

  7. Physical health screening and health facilitation for people with Intellectual Disability - Dr Indermeet Sawhney, Dr Mohamed Sathick, Dr Georgios Mousailidis

  8. Audit on use of prn psychotropic medication for behavioural disturbance - Dr Asha Dhandapani, Dr Sathyan Soundararajan, Dr Claire Jones

  9. Audit on monitoring physical health of patients on mood stabilisers following NICE guidelines - Dr Sathyan Soundararajan, Dr Asha Dhandapani, Dr Claire Jones

  10. Development of a dementia diagnostic & management pathway within the Hackney Intellectual Disability Service - Delphine Solomon

  11. Telecommunication reviews: experience and acceptability of patients, carers and psychiatrists - Dr Indermeet Sawhney, Dr Sophie Shardlow, Dr Bahar Yazdi

  12. Withdrawn

  13. Yoga for People with Intellectual Disability: Reflections on a Pilot Intervention to Improve Physical Health on an Inpatient Ward - Dr Rupal Dave

  14. Evaluating adherence to standard care practices in a Learning disability mental health service - Dr Akriti Kamran Dr Uma Geethanath

  15. Symptoms of Sleep Difficulty in adults attending a Psychiatry of Learning Disability outpatient service - Dr Rupal Dave

  16. Self-Guided CcARM Pogramme-COVID-19-April 2020 Complex Case and Recovery Management Framework (The CCaRM*) - Dr Syeda Hasan, Dr Mark Spurrell

  17. Prescribing of Rescue Buccal Midazolam for People with Learning Disabilities with Epilepsy - Dr Katie Ewart, Dr Kirsty Bates, Dr Fran Ward

  18. Cognitive Deficits Described In People With Tourette Syndrome- Dr Rabia Khan

  19. COVID-19 STOMP Challenge Intellectual Disability - Dr Bushra Rauf, Dr Hafsa Sheikh, Dr Hassan Majid, Dr Ashok Roy, Dr Rani Pathania

  20. The COVID-19 Good Day Survey: happiness at work amongst staff and influential factors in a community-based team for people with learning disability during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr Sil Jun Lau, Dr Hannah Rollmann, Dr Nicole Eady, Dr Laura Checkley

  21. Psychotropic prescribing practices in adults with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder - Dr Nicholas Davey, Dr Anushka Dissanayake, Dr Rupal Patel

  22. Transition from Children’s to Adult Specialist Health Care Services for Young People with Neurodevelopmental Conditions: A Qualitative Study Exploring Personal Experiences - Paul Shanahan, Lucie Ollis, Rupal Patel, Kate Balla, Karen Long

  23. Re-exploring the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for people with intellectual disabilities - Mariam Omokanye, Dr Peter Cutajar

  24. Prescribing in child and adolescent intellectual learning disability mental health services during COVID-19 - Dr Rachel Downey, Dr Judith McKie

  25. Survey of Carer satisfaction with telephone and video consultations in intellectual disability psychiatry during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr Sonya Rudra, Dr Margherita Tanzarella

  26. Video-conferencing and consulting technology in NHS Fife Learning Disability Services: The use and views of staff in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic - Dr Jennifer Mutch, Dr Khurram Riaz

  27. The Prevalence of Autism among Adults admitted to Acute Mental Health Wards: A Multi-Site Cross-Sectional Pilot Study - Samuel Tromans, Regi Alexander, Reza Kiani Mohammed Al-Uzri, Traolach Brugha

  28. Auditing the Psychiatric Caseload for Eligibility and Uptake of Genetic Testing - Dr Alexander Rossides, Dr Ian Hall, Dr Laura Humphries, Niah Gaynair

  29. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy for People with Intellectual Disability in the Treatment of Emotional Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Scoping Review - Alexander Smith, Richard Laugharne, Katy Oak, Rohit Shankar

  30. Review of re-referrals for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) assessments - Alexandra Ducroizet, Dr Sukumaran

  31. Psychiatric Morbidity among the patient of First Ever Ischaemic Stroke - Dr. Muhammad Sayed Inam

  32. Clinical audit of end of life care in a secure hospital - Dr Owen Obasohan, Dr Deepak Tokas

Posters from our Spring event

  1. Psychotropic Prescribing in Intellectual Disabilities: A Community Team Service Evaluation - Dr Katherine Meehan

  2. Introducing Easy Read Clinic Letter to Community Intellectual Disability Clinics in Oxleas Trust - Dr Betty Clarkson, Dr Kat Levick, Jeff Miles

  3. STOMP: A review 2 years after a Medication Reduction initiative in a Community Learning Disability Service - Dr Hassan Mahmood, Dr David Perry, Dr Hafsa Sheikh, Dr Bushra Rauf

  4. A review of epileptiform discharge free EEG analysis for the detection of epilepsy - Caitlin West, Wessel Woldman, Katy Oak, Brendan McLean, Rohit Shankar

  5. Order in the dissonance: a case study in music therapy with intellectual disability - Alfonso López

  6. Intensive Support Team (IST): Analysis of all psychiatric inpatient admissions in Birmingham Community Healthcare Learning Disability service over the past 12 months - Dr Hassan Mahmood, Dr Tonye Sikabofori, Dr Afshan Sohail

  7. Community monitoring of health in intellectual disability (ID) patients prescribed lithium - Dr Joshua Howkins, Mr Mike Wilcock, Mr Samuel Edwards, Dr Rohit Shankar, Dr Lucy Sigley, Dr Chris Ashwin

  8. The Transforming Care agenda: A service evaluation of admissions and discharges of people with learning disability in acute general adult and older adult units within Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Dr Sophie Emesih, Dr Farina Sheikh, Dr Mahesh Odiyoor, Dr Sujeet Jaydeokar

  9. Re-audit of Psychotropic Medication Prescriptions in People with an Intellectual Disability in Exeter and East Devon Intellectual Disability services - Dr Abigail Swift, Dr Myo Htwe, Dr Naarani Thangarajah and Dr Victor Olotu

  10. A Quality Improvement Project to assess and improve staff’s knowledge and skills in recognition of sepsis - Dr Bahar Yazdi, Dr Sophie Shardlow, Dr Indermeet Sawhney

  11. Transitions across regions and Trusts: an initiative to improve practice and provide a template for other areas - Dr Hassan Mahmood, Dr Dawn Simons, Dr Dave Perry

  12. Working towards co-led improvements in care for patients with learning disability and epilepsy - Jonjo Miller, Hiromi Ikehara, James Sun, Rohit Shankar, Bhathika Perera

  13. Differential Diagnosis Checklist for Drop Attacks - Ian Groeber, Rohit Shankar, Charlotte Young, David Cox, Eve Corson, Caryn Jory, Izzie Oak, Rachel Newman

  14. A completed audit cycle: Medicines Reconciliation in a Community Learning Disability Service - Dr Hassan Mahmood, Dr Humaira Arshad, Dr Gamal Hardy, Dr Giorgi Gurieli

  15. Listen to hard topics with soft ears - domestic violence and family carer; a survey of referrals to a MHIDD Forensic Mental Health Service in Ireland - Dr Mohamed Elamin, Dr Anthony Kearns, Aidan Cooney

  16. Transition from CAMHS to AMHS: are the patient referrals appropriate for Early Intervention Psychosis Team? - Dr Mengfei Lu, Dr Louise Guest

  17. STOMPing in HPFT - Dr A Sharma, Dr K Mukherji

  18. Re-Audit of Medical Prescription and Nursing Administration of Medication in Learning Disabilities In-patient Settings - Dr Ansar Choudry, Dr Kabeer Hussain, Dr Praveen Ravi, Dr Sadia Zahid, Dr Ellen Williams

  19. Pilot Project: Easy Read Psychiatry Clinic Appointment Outcome Letters - Dr Indermeet Sawhney, Dr Anu Sharma

  20. Audit for Prescription and Administration of prn Buccal Midazolam for People with Learning Disabilities and Epilepsy in the Hertfordshire & Essex - Dr Indermeet Sawhney, Dr Anu Sharma

  21. Multi-source Feedback for Learning Disability Psychiatrists: A Comparison with Other Sub-specialities - Holly Lowther, Sarnetha Ravisangar

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