Faculty of Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Conference 2020

Below you will find the presenter slides from the Intellectual Disability Online Conference 2020.

Please note: We have been granted permission by the speakers to share the presentations below. More presentations may be added at a later date. 

Keynote Presentations

  1. KN3 –‘Sleep Disorders: a forgotten diagnosis’ -  DrHugh Selsick, Consultant Sleep PhysicianUniversity College London Hospitals

  2. KN4 -Intensive Support -  Professor Angela Hassiotis, Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, University College London

  3. KN6 -‘Current Issues in Intellectual Disability: the view from Primary Care’ - DrKirsten Lamb, General Practitioner

Dr Alec Shapiro Prize Trainee Presentations

  1. ECT –a literature review-systematic review of literature using PRISMA –this might lead to more future project work - Dr Rabia Khan, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

  2. Telecommunication reviews: experience and acceptability of patients, carers and psychiatrists - Dr Baharnaz Dalili-Yazdi, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

  3. Yoga for People with Intellectual Disability: Reflections on a Pilot Intervention to Improve Physical Health on an Inpatient Ward - Dr Rupal Dave, John Howard Centre for Forensic Mental Health, East London Foundation Trust

  4. Self-Guided CcARM Pogramme-COVID-19-April 2020 Complex Case and Recovery Management Framework (The CCaRM*) - Dr Syeda Hasan, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

  5. Improved physical health outcomes in an enhanced clinic - Dr GeorgiosMousailidis, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

  6. The Prevalence of Autism in acute MH – Cross sectional study – important project from Transforming care perspective - Dr Sam Tromans

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