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1. Acute psychotic presentation in syphilis- the great imitator is back
Dr Bethan ap Rees; Dr Mudasir Firdosi

2. Sensory symptoms in body-focused repetitive behaviours and premonitory urges to tic in Tourette syndrome: an overlap? 
James Badenoch*; Tamara Searle*; Iona Watson*; Andrea E. Cavanna (joint lead authors)

3. Tics in patients with encephalitis
James Badenoch*; Tamara Searle*; Iona Watson*; Andrea E. Cavanna (* joint lead authors)

4. Pharmacotherapy for tics in adult patients with Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders
James Badenoch; Andrea E. Cavanna

5. Psychological distress after subarachnoid haemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis
M Bartlett, D Bulters, R Hou

6. Beta-frequency electrophysiological bursts: BOLD correlates and relationships with psychotic illness
Paul M. Briley; Elizabeth B. Liddle; Molly Simmonite; Marije Jansen; Thomas P White; Vijender Balain; Lena Palaniyappan; Richard Bowtell; Karen J. Mullinger & Peter F. Liddle

7. Investigating the dopaminergic mechanisms underlying motivation using designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs (DREADDS)
Ankit Chadha; Amol Joshi; Chiara Toschi; Jeffrey W. Dalle

8. Associations between baseline cortisol and trajectory of symptom improvement in depressed adolescents receiving psychological therapy
Ankit Chadha; Paul Wilkinson; Ian Goodyer

9. A single administration of 'microbial' D-alanine to healthy volunteers augments reaction to negative emotions: a comparison with D-serine
Liliana P Capitao; Jessica Forsyth; Mia A Thomaidou; Mark D Condon; Catherine J Harmer; Philip WJ Burnet

10. Reducing risk of falls and fractures in old age psychiatry patients: Are we checking vitamin D?
Renate Fromson;  Ashling Ramdin

11. Electroencephalography (EEG) Signatures of Induced Auditory Verbal Hallucinations (AVH)
Danish Hafeez; Ms Isabel O'Rourke, Masters Student;  Dr Bo Yao, Lecturer;  Dr Andrew Marshall

12. Evaluation of an alcohol-related brain injury (ARBI) diagnostic service pilot
Kaanthan Jawahar; Mohammad Zia Ul Haq Katshu; James Ellison; Mohan Rathnaiah; David Rhinds

13. Application of Actigraphy in Functional Movement Disorders: A Review of the Literature
Dr Claire Jones

14. Visual hallucinations in organic psychosis: a meta-analysis
Maria Teixeira-Dias; Amber Kaur Dadwal

15. Cognitive deficits described in people with Tourette Syndrome
Dr Rabia Khan

16. Cognitive symptoms and memory worry in young adults
Lachlan King; Eilidh McClure; Laura McWhirter; Craig Ritchie; Jon Stone; Alan Carson

17. Neuropsychiatric complications of COVID-19 from the UK-wide CoroNerve study: diverse presentations illustrated by case vignettes
McCausland, B., Jeyanantham, A, Varatharaj, A, Kneen, R, Pett, Thomas, R.H, Galea, I, Amin, J., Michael, B.D, Joyce, E, Carson, A.C., Pollak, T.A., Nicholson, T.R. 

18. A survey of psychiatry trainees to identify essential assessments and investigations in first episode psychosis
Hamilton Morrin; Claire Carstairs; Timothy Nicholson; Graham Blackman

19. An audit of inpatient resources used in organic neurological versus functional neurological disorders
Hannah Newman;  Timothy Greig; Michael O'Gara

20. The pregabalin paradox: examining the risk of visual hallucinations persisting post-cessation
Dr Ashy Rengit; Dr Amit Bhardwaj

21. The Lateralisation of Language in the Brain: The Limitations of Current Literature
Shaheen Sardar

22. A case of undetected Temporal Lobe Epilepsy- presenting with autonomic symptoms
Dr A Zia; Dr Anu Sharma

23. The Procognitive Effects of Ketamine – An analysis of Ketamine for reduction of Alcoholic Relapse trial memory data
Mr Andi Stanescu;  Professor Celia Morgan

24. Fregoli syndrome in primary and secondary psychosis: A case-level meta-analysis
Maria Teixeira-Dias; Amber Kaur Dadwal

25. Understanding functional seizures: Are functional/dissociative seizures “dependent on idea”?
Jakov Tiefenbach; Mhairi Paterson; Emily Rose; Shona Scott; Ingrid Hoeritzauer; Laura McWhirter; Alan Carson; Jon Stone 

26. Relationships Between Self-Reported Mental Health Difficulties, Autistic Traits and Gender: a Cross-Sectional Population-based Study
John H Ward; Simone Capp; Professor Francesca Happé; Dr Grainne McLoughlin

27. Vitamin D screening in neuropsychiatry: results from a service evaluation in an inpatient unit
Dr Alexa Zhang; Dr Jacqueline Foong