Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Online Conference 2020

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Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Online Conference 2020 – Online Poster Gallery

Video Gallery for the Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Online Conference 2020

Poster gallery for Online Conference 1-2 December 2020

  1. COVID-19 infection in patients taking clozapine: an audit - Georgina Ell, Dr Sarah Barber, Dr Shirish Bhatkal

  2. Rehabilitation During a Pandemic: Psychiatrists as First Responders -  Dr Jeremy Cave (CT2)  Dr Matthieu Crews (Consultant) - Shortlisted for Douglas Bennett Prize

  3. Collaborative Therapeutic Interventions during challenging times - Dr Kunal Choudhary, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cygnet Hospitals Woking   Ms Zelmarie DeVisser, Occupational Therapist, Cygnet Hospitals Woking   Ms Lucy Miller, Psychology Assistant, Cygnet Hospitals Woking  

  4. Holes in the wall: Examining gaps in knowledge in child and adolescent mental health in Tanzania; a scoping review - Elle Clarke, Amelia Spencer-Rogers, Cara Jacques, Richard Walker, Judith Boshe

  5. Review of Stability on Depot Antipsychotics and Involving Primary Health Care Providers - Dr. Juliet Agbowu  Dr. Kabir Garg  Dr. Jessica Dallzell  Dr. Emmet Daly

  6. What the first coronavirus wave taught us: Can we handle a second wave better? - Alexander Gonzalez-Lamberth, Maurice Lipsedge, Rajesh Mohan

  7. The role of psychotherapeutic models in rehabilitation and recovery - John Goulder

  8. An adaptive culture in the midst of a pandemic: how voluntary mental health organisations have remained resilient - Dr Stephen Johnston ST5 General Adult Psychiatry

  9. Power to the people: what are the challenges of introducing patient and public involvement into the development of mental health policy for children and young people in Scotland? - Heather McAdam

  10. Are drug consumption facilities an effective intervention to reduce drug related mortality? A critical review of the literature - Holly Melvin

  11. Service Evaluation: The Level of Patient Engagement with the Rehabilitation Programme at Stansfield Place - Dr Zahra Patel  - Dr Iain Mackenzie (supervising consultant)

  12. Audit on High Dose Antipsychotic Medication use on Greater Manchester Mental Health Rehabilitation wards - Dr Sunita Amarjeet Patil,  Dr Brian Sweeney  Dr Victoria Jones   Dr Neil Crossley 

  13. Improving the physical health of inpatients in psychiatric rehabilitation services - Mark Petrarca, Sarah Barber, Shirish Bhatkal

  14. Patient and staff perceptions of Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) in rehabilitation - Laura Sallette,  Nugget,  David King,  Rajesh Mohan

  15. Targeted cardiovascular risk reduction in rehabilitation inpatients - Fraser Scott, Saham Aden, Nikhil Sharma, George Gillett, Rajesh Mohan - Shortlisted for Douglas Bennett Prize

  16. Addressing the dual challenge of psychosis and substance misuse - Fraser Scott, James McParlin, Nikhil Sharma, George Gillett, Rajesh Mohan Shortlisted for Douglas Bennett Prize

  17. A stitch in time: why prevention needs to be at the heart of safeguarding in SMI - Dr Nikhil Sharma, Danielle Belcher, Dr Fraser Scott,  Dr Rajesh Mohan,  Heather Close Rehabilitation Unit, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, 1-5 Heather Close, London SE13 6UG

  18. Developing a systematic care-pathway for clozapine use in rehabilitation - Nikhil Sharma, Stuart Benefield, Fraser Scott, Rajesh Mohan

  19. Mental illness stigma reported by police-to-police in Police officers of Tamil Nadu, India - Dr. Shyam Sundar Kanagarajan, Junior Resident, NIMHANS, Bangalore, India.

  20. Psychogenic Polydipsia - the Forgotten Syndrome: Literature Review and Illustrative Case Series - Ewelina De Leon, Research Assistant; Prof Graeme Yorston, Consultant Forensic Neuropsychiatrist


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