CBT in Practice: Managing Anxiety 

17 May 2021

Welcome to Managing Anxiety 


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Slides and handouts


9.30 Introduction & CBT Overview
9.45  What is Anxiety? Group work
11.00   BREAK
11.20   CBT for Generalised Anxiety. Mindfulness
12.00   Graded Exposure for Phobias
13.00   Lunch
13.30   CBT for Panic: DVD clips & role play
15.00   BREAK
15.15    Safety Behaviours, CBT summary, Quiz, Resources & Feedback
16.00    Close 

NB this course will be recorded as we have some overseas delegates and due to the time difference they will not be able to attend. Please turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded if asking a question as it will be set to speaker view.

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