Welcome to the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Winter Conference Photographs 2021

Photographing Feelings: Isolation, deep:black Images from students at Woodside High School and Gladesmore Community School Haringey Billboard Exhibition

For more information contact:  Trupti Magecha email: trupti@deepblack.org.uk telephone: 07980 012432

Daniela, Year 9   




One day I just woke up and asked me What if I am good enough?' I watched millions of tutorials, I learnt through apps and then I realised that as a bird explores different places I could do it. This image represents for me hope and perseverance. 

Elif,Year 10 Elif_IMG_20200707_170051This image represents a cliff for me and if I drop down the cliff then something bad will happen therefore I'm trying my best to not fall off. The grass that's hanging down can be seen as people trying their best not to fall and the grass inside the water are people that fell.