Welcome to the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Winter Conference Photographs 2021

Photographing Feelings: Isolation, deep:black Images from students at Woodside High School and Gladesmore Community School Haringey Billboard Exhibition

For more information contact:  Trupti Magecha email: trupti@deepblack.org.uk telephone: 07980 012432  

Charles, Year 9 




My phone is a comfort zone for me and a place where I can free myself from stress and problems 

Gulhajat, Year 8  


Before I was at school and went to musical instrument lessons on Wednesdays.

Zara, Year 7  


The sky it shows how I was as blue as the sky when it happened. 

Evelyn, Year 7 


Isolation has made me more creative but has also made me miss the things I didn’t realise were that important to me.

Zahraa, Year 8 

Zahraa 1_20200623_183245

I have chosen this picture of a tall building because I want to be at the fullest of my abilities, just like this building is as tall as it can be. This building is towering over the other buildings, like I want to tower above my past selves, showing how much I have grown and how I am greater than I was before. I want to reach the maximum of myself and my capabilities.