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Annual Medical Education Conference 2021


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1. Putting Praxis into Practise: The New BJPsych Bulletin Trainees’ Section In Its Second Year
Dr Cate Bailey, Higher Trainee

2. Exam-Related Anxiety – A pilot project to evaluate a cascading teaching programme for university and school age students
Amber Beardlow, Medical Student, 
Dr Christopher Lawrence 2, Dr Beth McCausland 1&2, Dr Rachel Stores 2, Dr Chloe Taylor 2, Dr Carlos Hoyos 3, Dr Bethan Impey 1&2 1Department of Psychiatry, University of Southampton, 2 Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, 3 Solent NHS Trust

3. 10 Top Tips for Reflective Practice
Dr Georgina Edgerley-Harris, CT2, and Dr Maria Alonso Vicente, Consultant Psychiatrist, South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

4. 1 Year as General Adult Psychiatry Training Day Representatives 
Dr Margaret Gani, ST5, Dr Hina Rehman, Psychiatry ST6 and Dr Saika Rahuja, General Adult Psychiatrist 

5.  Wellbeing in Foundation Doctors
Dr Romy Garbutt, Foundation Doctor

6.  Evaluating role play based learning to improve the confidence and competence of Junior Doctors undertaking on call shifts in inpatient Psychiatry
Dr Katherine Gardner, CT3

7. Introducing a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Teaching within a Liaison Psychiatry Team
Dr Hannah Grafton-Waters, Foundation Doctor and Dr O Bashford, Consultant Psychiatrist. Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust

8. Improving the Confidence of Paediatric SHOs in Taking A CAMHS Mental State Exam
Dr Betty Guang Xu, CT1

9. Improving the quality of risk assessments conducted for new psychiatry patients
Dr Nikhita Handa, FY1 and Dr Meena Shivalingam, Consultant psychiatrist, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust 

10. Developing and Delivering a Pilot Psychiatry Teaching Programme to Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Doctors 
Dr Amy McCulloch, Core Trainee, Dr Jan Klimach1 & Dr Amy McCulloch1,2 1. Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, 2. North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

11. The judgeMental Project: An evaluation of the effectiveness of short term mental health teaching interventions.
Sarah Morgan, Medical Student, Ruchi Desai1, Dr Sarah Fitch2, Cardiff University, ST6 Psychiatry, Cardiff and Vale UHB

12. Evaluation of a peer mentoring programme: Providing support for trainees in psychiatry. 
Dr Louise Robinson, CT3 and Dr Cynthia Gil-Rios Consultant Psychiatrist in Perinatal Psychiatry. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

13. Design Thinking: A novel approach to improving the Keele Cluster Core Psychiatry Programme.  
Dr Joshua Whitehurst, CT3 and Dr Joanne Barton, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

14. ‘Imagination & Interest’: Pilot Simulation-based educational event for healthcare staff on the new Mental Capacity Act (Northern Ireland) 2016
Dr Graeme Young, ST6, Dr Dearbhail Lewis (Consultant Psychiatrist, Liaison Psychiatry for Older People, BHSCT), Dr Paul Murphy (Lecturer, School of Arts, English & Languages, Queen’s University, Belfast)