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Faculty of Addictions Conference 2021


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1. Audit: Vitamin B CoStrong and Thiamine in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome (ADS).
Dr Ruth Agnew, CT1-3 and Dr Roisin Smith, Locum Consultant

2. Audit on overnight presentations in Mental Health Liaison Team
Dr Meda Apetroae, ST4-6, Dr Champa Balalle - Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Arvind Hunjan - Consultant Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and Matthew Clarke- CGL worker, Lister Hospital, Corey’s Mill Lane, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

3. Co-morbid gambling disorder in a local drug and alcohol service: an audit to determine prevalence
Dr John Barker, ST5 Academic Clinical Fellow, The University of Sheffield, Dr Ruta Rele, Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, Miss Charlotte Cartwright, Medical Student, University of Sheffield and Miss Bethany Dinsdale-Young, Medical Student, University of Sheffield

4. Is Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Contagious?  A Pilot Study of a Social Network Approach
Maeve Boden, Medical Student, Per Block, Dr Stephanie Burnett Heyes and Dr Ed Day

5. The effects of the closure of inpatient addictions units in Northern Ireland on presentations to acute services during the Covid-19 pandemic
Dr Megan Crooks, CT1-3, Donna Mullen, John Currie, Tina Kenning and Alexandra Todd

6. ‘If it isn’t documented, it wasn’t done’:  An audit of concordance with local prescribing protocols for ‘Buvidal’ buprenorphine injection.
Dr Sinead Davies, FY1, Mr Dafydd Thomas and Dr Mohan Gangineni

7. Use of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination III in the inpatient management alcohol detoxification. 
Dr Deborah Forbes, Clinical Fellow, Dr Rebecca Lawrence and Dr Fiona Watson. 

8. Methaemoglobinemia secondary to Disulfiram: a case report 
Dr Neera Gajree, Consultant and Natasha Khan, medical student 

9. Urine drug screening among patients on admission to acute psychiatric wards in south London
Dr Eva Havelka, Foundation Doctor and Dr Tom Walker-Tilley

10. Opioid Substitution Treatment in Ireland: Reviewing the Protocol to Improve Treatment Retention
Jessica Lochtenburg

11. Service Evaluation of Long acting Buprenorphine Subcutaneous Injection (Buvidal) in the West Lothian Community Addictions Service
Dr Amy Martin, ST4-6

12. Cognitive and affective empathy in alcohol dependent men: relation with abstinence and motivation.
Dr Hrishikesh Nachane, CT1-3, 1. Gomati. V. Nadadgalli  2. Maithili S. Umate

13. Acamprosate and Naltrexone Quality Improvement Project
Dr Sophie Quarshie, ST4-6 

14. Research: The study to ascertain awareness among professional about the use of social media/cyber-technology
Dr Hina Rehman, Consultant and Dr Khurram Sadiq

15. Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire (SADQ) completion at ARCH
Dr Abiram Selladural, CT1-3, Dr Cristina Goedhuis, Miss Xuan Odofin, Dr Armina Bajric, Dr Maryam Alsaud and Dr Jeffrey Fehler  

16. Impact of Substance Use on an East London Inpatient Forensic Unit
Dr Abu Shafi ST4-6, Anna Wozniak, Theodora Hill, Olivia Archer and Lawford Clough

17. Patient outcomes between clinical and non clinical supervised Antabuse.
Dr Roisin Smith, Locum Consultant, Dr Ruth Agnew (CTI), Sonya Johnston, Dermot Byrne and  Joanne Kelly 

18. A Golden Opportunity for Intervention? – Identifying Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Substance Use Disorders in Hospital 
Dr E. Naomi Smith, ST4-6, S. Gee, G. O’Brien, P.A. Vicente, R. Griffith, R Patel, J. Stapleton, E. Finch, N. Shah, F. Gaughran, D. Taylor, J. Strang and N. J. Kalk. 

19. Concordance with DVA (NI) advice in Community Addictions, a quality improvement project
Dr Roisin Smith, Locum Consultant, 
Sonya Johnston, Dermot Byrne and Joanne Kelly

20. ‘Falling through the Cracks’ – The role of Assertive Alcohol Outreach Teams in treating co-morbid mental health problems in people with addictions.
Dr E. Naomi Smith, ST4-6, Dr. Emily Finch and Professor Colin Drummond 

21. Qualitative study: Learning from recovery:  What do people who have recovered from alcohol dependence have to teach those who are still struggling?
Dr Anju Soni, ST4-6 and Ian Treasaden

22. Audit of Drug-Related Non-fatal Overdose Admitted to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh 
Nicholas Straw, Medical Student

23. Telemedicine in Addictions Feasibility RCT – Staff and Patient Qualitative Satisfaction  
Dominic Treloar, Medical Student and Soraya Mayet- Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist Humber Teaching NHS FT

24. Buvidal: A patient experience
Cara Walsh, Medical Student, Dr Darragh Hamilton and Dr Michael Kehoe

25. Patient Experience Survey for Community Drug and Alcohol Service Users in Hospitals
Dr Nurul Yahya, ST4-6 and Dr Derrett Watts

26. Integrated Alcohol Service Referrals and Thiamine Prescription 
Syed Zaidi, Medical Student, Dr. Seonaid Anderson and Dr. Steven Cooper