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Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy Annual Conference 2021


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1. How effective has the use of technology been during COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of service users?
Rebecca Babb and Nina Giraffa

2. The Interpersonal Dynamics consultation in an inpatient therapeutic community for severe personality disorders: mentalising transference and countertransference dynamics
Mattia Beggi

3. Online MBT is less effective than face to face MBT – a retrospective casenote study
Daniela Borges

4. A Pilot Study of Trauma Informed Training and Formulation Sessions for Junior Doctors
Hannah Cappleman

5. An Evaluation of an Online Balint Group during the COVID 19 pandemic
Chris Chan

6. Time to think – psychoanalytically-informed reflective practice group for GPs 
Dimitrios Chartonas

7. The effectiveness of a CBT informed approach within older adult services: addressing issues of collaboration and flexibility to enhance engagement and improve outcomes
Amit Chorghade

8. Tavi or not Tavi : that is the question about career choice
Kenny Chu

9. Evaluation of patient outcome measure questionnaires across Psychodynamic Psychotherapy services in North East London
Anna Croxford

10. Psychotherapy co-supervision: A reflective pilot project via zoom and social media
Megan Davies-Kabir

11. National Survey Into Trainee Experience Of Core Psychotherapy Training
Lauren Evans

12. Therapists’ Knowledge of Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Patients they see for Psychotherapy
Kavitha Honsel

13. Audit of End of Individual Therapy Letters in the Gaskell and Macartney House Specialist Psychotherapy Services
Iulian Ionescu

14. Patient and Therapist satisfaction with remote working compared to face to face consultations in Psychotherapy
Anabella Jevdovic

15. A pilot of funded individual psychotherapy for Core Trainees
Frederico Magalhaes

16. Improving quality of referrals meetings in the psychotherapy department
Daniel Meek

17. Audit of Referral Process in a tertiary Psychotherapy Service
Ioannis Papadopoulos 

18. Psychotherapy Referrals – Associations between assessment, attendance and outcomes
Keval Patel

19. Personality disorder teaching on wards: a “good enough” training
Harry Reid

20. More than Medication! Trainee perspectives on integrating psychological treatment into their routine practice
Anna Robinson

21. Recognising and learning from positive events, can we improve the environmental provision for staff in our NHS Trust?
Louise Robinson

22. Functional Neurological symptoms: Optimising the efficacy of inpatient treatment using a combination of psychodynamic and CBT approaches as part of an internet-based preparatory program - the Queen Square Guided Self-Help (QGSH)
Jacob Roelofs

23. The Neurobiology of Attachment and the Influence of Psychotherapy: A literature review
Graziella F. Romano

24. Anger Group for patients with complex needs in a high secure forensic setting
Katie Salucci

25. Mirror, Mirror, for us all? -  Attitude towards personal therapy amongst Core Psychiatry Trainees
Aleksandr Sapunov

26. A Brief Novel Intervention for Acrophobia (Fear of Heights)
E. Naomi Smith

27. Design of a Feasibility Study Incorporating the Dyad Repertory Grid into routine Cognitive Analytic Therapy
Amy Squire

28. Reducing Doctor Burnout: A Qualitative Analysis of some Junior Doctor’s Experience of Participating in a Balint Group
Toby Stevens

29. Self-Esteem and I: A service user’s psychological perspective
Hina Tahseen

30. Confidentiality at the interface of an adolescent psychotherapy service
Rhianne Thomas

31. Psychodynamics and Medical Education: The odd couple
Deekshitha Umasankar

32. Engagement of young people with the psychotherapy department
Amanda Zambon