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Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Conference 2021


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Dr Anietie Akpan ST6, Cornelia Termure - Community Nurse,  Issadevi Nellaya -  Community Nurse, Dr Bruno De Blaquiere CT1,  Dr Sujoy Mukherjee - Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Anietie Akpan and Dr Omolade Longe

Dr Nahrwan Alshamasi - ConsultantKayleigh Purvis, Debbie Robinson, Michelle Scott, Lucy Brittain, , Erin Jefferson, Rian West, Lisa Frazer, Catherine Gibson, Lynne Gaskin

Dr Kim Barkas (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys), Dr Liam McHale (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys), Dr Mani Krishnan (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys), Dr Eleni Fixter (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys)

Nirja Beehuspoteea Dr Naomi Tomlinson, Caleb Byrt, Olukemi Olusanya, Zoe Linekar, Dr Nicola Funnell

Susan Mary Benbow and  Sharmi Bhattacharyya

Dr Clara Belessiotis-Richards, Dr Naaheed Mukadam, Professor Gill Livingston, University College London Division of Psychiatry

Dr Anca Bradu - Psychiatry CT1, West London NHS Trust; Dr Sofia Zarate Escudero - Consultant Psychiatrist, West London NHS Trust

9. Reminiscence
Dr Anca Bradu - Psychiatry CT1, West London NHS Trust; Dr Sofia Zarate Escudero - Consultant Psychiatrist, West London NHS Trust

Eleanor Breen O'Byrne 

Elsa Brew-Girard, Husam Khalil - CT2, Devon Partnership Trust,  Supervisors: Dr Lucy Knight (Somerset Foundation Trust), Dr Adrian James (Devon Partnership)

Dr Sidra Chaudhry - CT3 Wathwood Hospital, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust, Dr Gwilym Hayes- Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Wathwood Hospital, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust

13. Tackling the National Dementia Challenge in Older People’s Mental Health Services (OPMHS) in Rotherham – a service evaluation project
Dr Sidra Chaudhry - CT3,Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Leela Seelam - Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, RDASH

Amitkumar Chougule, Dr Raja Adnan Ahmed -  Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist

Anne Yan Ting Chua, Sangeeta K Makh, Adnaan Ghanchi, Jessica Grayston, Nida Yasmeen, Sean M Insigne, Stephen Woolford, Sahan Wijayaweera, Harnish P Patel, Jay Amin

Natalie Cook and Dr Gurdeep Bagary, FY1

Elizabeth Cosgrove and Dr Christine Carswell, Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Lanarkshire

Alistair Cowie, Dr Cara McDonald  Dr Stephanie Sloan

Dr Esma Derouiche Dr Carol Quinn, Old Age Consultant 

Dr Grace D'Souza Walsh Dr Charlotte Blewett 

Dr Charlotte Ebenezer Dr Faria Zafar (Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist) 

Dr Liam Embliss Dr Mohan Bhat (Consultant old age psychiatrist). Goodmayes Hospital, North East London NHS Foundation Trust. 

Dr Ceri Evans Katie Loosemore, Community Psychiatric Nurse  Danika Rafferty, Consultant Psychiatrist  Sian Regan , Community Psychiatric Nurse 

Dr Katherine Farrington Dr Michael Parker- Derbyshire Heathcare Trust 

Dr Katherine Farrington Dr Ann Boyle- Leicestershire Partnership Trust. Dr Mohammed Qureshi 

Dr Robert Jr Fung Dr. John Emberton, GP trainee, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ( SABP)  Dr. Roohi Afshan, consultant psychiatrist for older people, SABP 

Dr Emily Giles  

Dr Karla Giles Dr Philip Hall, Dr Helen Wilson, Dr Lisa Macpherson, Dr Maria del Pilar Martin-Hernandez, Keri Thompson, Sarah Bailey 

Dr Ben Greenhalgh Dr Hina Anwar, Dr Rosemary Hedley, Dr Celine Perkins, Dr Rachel Shaw 

Dr Ramy Guirguis