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CASC Masterclass brochure

We have created a brochure with useful information regarding the CASC exam. This is available to download (PDF)

CASC Masterclass programme

The conference programme is available to download (PDF)

Quality assurance and exam standards

Our CASC quality assurance process (PDF) details the measures we take to ensure CASC provides a valid and reliable assessment of your knowledge and clinical skills.

You can view what others had to say about the CASC exam in our CASC candidate questionnaire report, which all candidates are invited to complete as part of our ongoing evaluation of exam standards. 

You can also read more about how the College ensures the CASC exam is fair for all candidates.

Applying for the CASC Exam

Find out if you are eligible for the CASC Exam.

Read more about how to apply for the CASC exam, as well as upcoming dates and fees on our website.

Taking the CASC Exam 

View our CASC Blueprint (PDF) for an overview of the exam.

Find more information about results and appeals.


You can also view device requirements (PDF) for taking the CASC exam online.

In person

To see a CASC station brought to life, watch videos of sample stations from a face-to-face examination. 

CASC Exam Elements

Instructions to Candidates

View an example of Instructions to Candidates (PDF)



View our FAQ page for commonly asked questions about our exams.


This conference is eligible for 6 CPD point per day, subject to peer group approval.


Certificates of attendance will be emailed to delegates after the course.


Please complete the feedback survey fore this course

All comments received remain confidential and are viewed in an effort to improve future meetings.


All presentations remain the intellectual property of the author and it is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute or reproduce any information, images or data included in these presentations without the prior written consent of the author.

If a presentation is not listed, it is because we have not received permission from the author. This page will be updated if further presentations are received.