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Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry Annual Conference 2022


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1. Simple Steps to Relieve Opioid Withdrawal
Dr Patrick Clements, ST4-6, Dr Ruth Carville 

Dr Rhi Davison, Specialty Doctor, Dr Rebecca Lee (Consultant Psychiatrist, Forward Leeds)

Dr Sarah Gault, CT1-3, Dr Orlagh McCambridge, Dr Ruth Carville, Dr Samir Hanna, Dr Patrick Clements

Dr Eamonn Kinally, CT1-3

Dr Nina MacKenzie, CT1-3, Sarah Blue

Dr Thomas Scott-Gatty, CT1-3, Dr Adrian James

7. Central pontine myelinolysis - Acute neurological signs and symptoms in a patient with alcohol-dependence

Dr E Naomi Smith, ST4-6, Mr Reuben Cole, Dr Mike Kelleher, Dr Nicky Kalk

Dr E Naomi Smith, ST4-6, Dr Francesca Turner, Dr Akira Fukutomi, Dr Emily Finch, Mr Andreas Kimergard, Ms Amy Wolstenholme, Professor Colin Drummond

Dr Laura Williams, CT1-3, Dr Danielle Loveday