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Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry Annual Conference 2023


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1. Quality improvement project and audit on cirrhosis/advanced liver fibrosis screening in male inpatient psychiatric unit
Dr Filipa Madalena Abreu Alves TeixeiraCT1-3, Dr Yasmin Yousof, Dr Oyewale Ogunlowo

Dr Olubunmi ArogunmatiSAS Doctor, Emily Jackson, Claire Buzzeo, Andrea Hearn

3. Dual Diagnosis Presentations in adolescents attending Tier 3 CAMHS: A case series exploring attitudes of young people and their carers towards illicit substance use and service utilisation for targeted interventions
Dr Aparna Badagala, SAS Doctor (Specialty Doctor in CAMHS)

Dr Mel Bagshaw, GPWSI

5. Screening for alcohol use disorders among patients admitted to acute inpatient wards
Dr Sharna Bennett, CT1-3, Philippa Case, Vijay Delaffon

Dr Amy Coats, CT1-3

7. What proportion of people starting OST reach zero quickly?
Dr Robert Cohen, Consultant

Dr Robert Cohen, Consultant

9. Kratom: 100% organic trouble
Dr Cosmina Cross, ST4-6, Nicola Herod

Dr Zarah Fleming, CT1-3, Dr Donna Mullen

11. Its time to 'Whippet' into shape: the importance of developing treatment guidelines for Nitrous Oxide
Dr Elizabeth Hawke, ST4-6, Mary Thornton, Mike Kelleher, Emily Finch

Dr Nicola Herod, Consultant

13. Reviewing the use of a FIBROSCAN® machine in Belfast Trust Addiction service
Dr Benjamin Johnston, CT1-3,
 Dr Joy Watson, Dr Helen Toal

Dr Joseph MacDonnell, CT1-3

15. Patient Attendance and Keyworker Contacts for those on Buvidal
Nandini Mishra, Medical Student, Dr Andrea Hearn

Jessica O'Logbon, Medical Student, Alice Wickersham, Charlotte Williamson, Daniel Leightley

17. The Home at Last Team Model
Dr E. Naomi Smith, Consultant, Dr Ruta Rele

Dr Paster Venan, ST4-6, Dr Praneeth Dara, Dr Vyasa Immadisetty