Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy Annual Conference 2019: Creative and Destructive Forces in Groups; Clinical Settings, Organisations and Society

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We continually interact with and relate to others on multiple levels throughout our private and professional lives. The powerful feelings evoked by being inside/outside of a group are steeped in meaning and applicable to us all. As psychiatrists and therapists, who also work within organizations and teams, we witness the harmful effects of social isolation and exclusion affecting many of our patients and understand the importance of relationships and social contact in the healing process. Group therapy can become a source of real transformation.

This conference will explore the power of group processes and their ability to be both creative and destructive in clinical settings, in the workplace, in society and on the world stage in the likely aftermath of Brexit.
Wednesday evening will address group processes at their most destructive  and violent, with talks from leading military mental health professionals, examining the impact of war on the mind.  New treatment models  for complex trauma in military veterans and in civilians will be discussed. 
On Thursday, the conference will move to look at group processes politically and in the workplace with talks on the Anti-Group, examining the unconscious factors underpinning political and societal unrest and organisational dynamics.  We will also be considering the humane, loving and creative forces at play in groups, which can sometimes facilitate changes more hopeful than expected.
Friday will have a more clinical emphasis, looking at the therapeutic potential of groups with patients who might not always fit easily into society - for example refugees, people with gender identity disorders and the severely traumatized, including patients with the diagnosis of personality disorder. 
There will be an experiential aspect of group work through a large group on Thursday and Friday, with the focus on ourselves followed by a plenary. 

Speakers include Professor Eric Vermetten, Dr Neil Kitchiner, Morris Nitsun, David Morgan, Gabrielle Rifkind, Dr Eliat Aram, Dr Az Hakeem, Dr Jan Birtle, Pippa Hockton, Rachel Collins-White,  Sheila Ritchie, Dr Steve Pearce, Dr Earl Hopper, Dr Jale Cilasun and Dr Jon Goldin (after dinner speaker).

Large group coordinator Dr John Hook.

Conference Committee; Dr Maria Eyres, academic secretary, Dr Jo O’Reilly, Dr Haroula Konstantinidou, Dr Matteo Pizzo.





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The conference dinner will take place at Brasserie Blanc, Tower of London, on the evening of 11th April. Tickets for the dinner are available for £50 and can be purchased online along with your conference booking.

Standard rate - Whole (Wed- Fri ) £420

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Conference dinner: £50 


The programme is now available to download


Wednesday 10 April:  Professor Eric Vermetten and  Dr Neil Kitchiner

Thursday 11 April: Morris Nitsun,  Dr Eliat Aram, Gabrielle Rifkind and Dr David Bell.

Dr Jon Goldin is the after dinner speaker at the conference dinner on Thursday 11 April.  

Friday 12 April: Dr Az Hakeem, Dr Jan Birtle,  Pippa Hockton, Rachel Collins-White, Dr Steve Pearce and Sheila Ritchie. 

Thursday and Friday; Large group conducted by Dr Earl Hopper and Dr Jale Cilasun



The event will take place at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 21 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB. Take a look at directions and a map to help you plan your journey.

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We invite submissions for poster and oral presentation at the annual conference in April 2019. Submissions should be in the form of an abstract of no more than 350 words and submitted by email by 14:00 on Thursday 28 February  2019.
If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to prepare a poster for display at the conference and to give a 60 second oral presentation summarising your work as part of the conference programme (detailed instructions on both below).
The Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy judging committee will shortlist the best three trainee poster submissions displayed at the conference who will each receive a certificate. 
The relevant delegate fees will apply to poster presenters to attend the conference.
• Email your abstract to sarah.morrissey@rcpsych.ac.uk with the subject reference ‘your name – PTY2019’.  
• Attach your abstract as a Word document.
• Include the following information in your email message:
- Name of main presenting author
- Membership number (if applicable)
- Whether you are a medical student, foundation year doctor, psychiatric trainee, specialty doctor, new consultant in the first year of practice, or other (please specify)
- Name of author’s work organisation             
- General subject of presentation
NB: Late submissions will not be considered
1. Abstracts should be typed single spaced, font size 10 in Word format using standard text, or text-only format.  
2. Abstracts should not include headers and footers, borders, shading or images. 
3. The title should be in bold, followed by the full name(s) of the author and all co-authors, including titles (e.g. Dr) and their affiliations
4. If all authors are of the same affiliation, please write the name only once. Do not include the full address of affiliation.
5. Hand-written abstracts will not be accepted.
6. The title must contain no abbreviations.
7. The abstract must be no more than 350 words.
8. The abstract should present in order: the aims, methods, results and comments/conclusions.
9. Bibliographic references, tables and appendices are not included in the abstract.
10. Please make sure you check all spellings carefully.  


CLOSING DATE: 14:00 on Thursday 28 February 2019


If you wish to book an exhibition space at this conference please email Emma George on 0203 701 2611 or emma.george@rcpsych.ac.uk

Please read our terms and conditions before you book. 

Event Location

Location: RCPsych, 21 Prescot St, London

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