RCPsych Leadership & Management Fellow Scheme 2019/20

Location The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, E1 8BB
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RCPsych Leadership & Management Fellow Scheme 2019/20

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The Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme will support the formation of a national network of emerging medical leaders and combines a bespoke, high impact leadership development training programme with an apprenticeship model. Fellows proactively engage in local leadership projects and are mentored by senior medical leaders within their organisations.

Occurring in-programme and utilising special interest time over a 12 month period, the scheme is inclusive and open to all higher specialty trainees in any psychiatric sub-specialty. Fellows will be better equipped to lead their teams and better prepared and encouraged to pursue more advanced leadership roles in the future.

Confirmed speakers include: Tim Kendall, Navina Evans, Wendy Burn, Kate Lovett, and Adrian James to name only a few! Download full details (pdf) on the fellow scheme.

Confirmed dates for the 2019/20 programme:

Day 1

9 September 2019The Evolving Leader

Day 2

10 September 2019Leading Teams

Day 3

2 December 2019Leadership Projects

Day 4

10 February 2020Systemic Leadership (1)

Day 5

11 February 2020Systemic Leadership (2)

Day 6

27 April 2020Group Supervision

Day 7

8 June 2020Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for our Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme.

Nominations for the 2019/2020 Leadership and Management Scheme closed on 28th June.

For further information, please contact:

Email: Michelle.Braithwaite@rcpsych.ac.uk

Contact Name: Michelle Braithwaite

Contact number: 020 8618 4141

Event Location

Location: The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, E1 8BB