Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Annual Conference




Places available - call Sarah Morrissey 020 3701 2567

Location RCPsych, 21 Prescot Street, London
Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Annual Conference

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  Non-member* Standard** SpR, SAS, ST5-6*** PMPT†, SHO, CT1-3, Retired Member**** Student Associate
Friday only £160 £150 £130 £90 £40 


*          Non RCPsych members

**      Consultants/Locum Consultant RCPsych Members

***        RCPsych members/Affiliates at the following grades Associate Specialist, SAS, Staff Grade, SpR, CT/ST4-6 and special rate for CPN/MDT.

****     PMPT, SHO, CT/ST1-3 registered with RCPsych and RCPsych members who pay the reduced subscription rate

          PMPT is ‘Pre-membership Psychiatric Trainee’ registered with RCPsych

The Faculty awards bursaries annually to enable all UK junior psychiatric trainees (CT1-3, ST4-6), SAS doctors, Foundation doctors (Psychiatry F1-F2), medical students to undertake an activity linked to Neuropsychiatry and the Faculty’s strategic objectives. This can include attending conferences.   
Up to twenty bursaries may be awarded, up to a value of £250.00 each, up to an annual total of £5,000.00. 
The bursaries will be advertised in announcements about Faculty meetings, the Faculty newsletter and circulated to Student Associates.  
I. Applicants should submit a covering letter (giving details of why financial support is required and other sources of funding that have been explored) and details of the activity that they need the funds for. 
II.   Applicants must provide a letter of support from their supervisor.
III.   All expense claim forms, together with all original receipts and tickets, must be submitted to the Faculty Finance Officer within four weeks of the conference.  Applications for reimbursement received after that time will not be accepted. 
Closing date:      Bursaries can be awarded any time during the year. 
Submissions to:    neuropsychiatry@rcpsych.ac.uk

Please read our terms and conditions before you book. 

Event Location

Location: RCPsych, 21 Prescot Street, London