Annual Medical Education Conference


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Location Marriott Hotel, Glasgow
Annual Medical Education Conference

Event Information

This event will take place at the Marriott Hotel, Glasgow. 

Please email to register your interest in this event. We will be in touch when further information is available. 

We invite submissions for poster presentation at the RCPsych Annual Medical Education Conference.. Submissions should be in the form of an abstract of no more than 350 words and submitted by email by 14:00 on Friday 26 April 2019.

If your abstract is accepted you will be asked to prepare a poster for display at the conference and your abstract will be included in the proceedings booklet for the meeting. 

NB: The relevant delegate fees will apply to poster presenters to attend the conference.
• Email your abstract to with the subject reference ‘your name – PsychMedEd’.  
• Attach your abstract as a Word document.
• Include the following information in your email message:
- Name of main presenting author
- Membership number (if applicable)
- Whether you are a medical student, foundation doctor, psychiatric trainee, specialty doctor, new consultant in the first year of practice, or other (please specify)
- Name of author’s work organisation             
- General subject of presentation
NB: Late submissions will not be considered
1. Abstracts should be typed single spaced, font size 10 in Word format using standard text, or text-only format.  
2. Abstracts should not include headers and footers, borders, shading or images. 
3. The title should be in bold, followed by the full name(s) of the author and all co-authors, including titles (e.g. Dr) and their affiliations
4. If all authors are of the same affiliation, please write the name only once. Do not include the full address of affiliation.
5. Hand-written abstracts will not be accepted.
6. The title must contain no abbreviations.
7. The abstract must be no more than 350 words.
8. The abstract should present in order: the aims, methods, results and comments/conclusions.
9. Bibliographic references, tables and appendices are not included in the abstract.
10. Please make sure you check all spellings carefully.  
CLOSING DATE: 14:00 on Friday 26th April 2019
If your abstract is accepted for presentation at the meeting, you will be asked to prepare a poster for display at the conference.  
Poster presentation 
1. If your poster abstract is accepted for poster presentation at the conference, the size of the poster board that you will be allocated is 2 metres high x 1 metre wide. The poster should be in PORTRAIT. 
2. The top line(s) should give the title of your abstract with lettering not less than 2.5cm high. 
3. The next line(s) should indicate the author(s) and their affiliations. 
4. Continue with the introduction, methods, results and discussion as appropriate.
5. The poster should end with a clear description of conclusions and relevant discussion of findings.
6. Adhesive Velcro will be available for mounting the poster presentation on the board. 
7. Hand-outs, citations and contact details for distribution to interested delegates are always appreciated (but not compulsory).
8. Please note that we are unable to return posters to presenters if they are left behind at the end of the conference.
9. If your poster abstract is accepted, it will be included in the proceedings booklet (or online information) for the conference.
10. The relevant delegate fees will apply to poster presenters to attend the conference, there are no discounts available to poster presenters.

Rooms are available at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel  for £135.00 per night  (including breakfast and vat)
Book your room online by the 14 August to secure this rate. 

For further information, please contact:


Contact Name: Sarah Morrissey

Contact number: 020 3701 2567

Event Location

Location: Marriott Hotel, Glasgow