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Location Online event
CPD Up to six CPD points per day, subject to peer group approval
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Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy Annual Conference 2021

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Non-Member Fee

  • Whole Conference - £260
  • Wednesday Only - £60
  • Thursday or Friday Only - £100

Consultant/ Regular Member Fee

  • Whole Conference - £190
  • Wednesday Only - £40
  • Thursday or Friday Only - £75

Higher Trainee/ SAS/ Subsidised/ Retired Fee

  • Whole Conference - £140
  • Wednesday Only - £30
  • Thursday or Friday Only - £55

Core Trainee/ Foundation Year Doctor/ Medical Student Fee

  • Whole Conference - £90
  • Wednesday Only - £20
  • Thursday or Friday Only - £35

Survival and Development; Exploring our Internal and External Landscapes

This Conference will explore some of the main themes preoccupying our world at present; the pandemic, issues around race and social justice and climate change. 

The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to make some swift and fundamental adaptations to our private and professional lives. It was in this context that racism and climate change became more acutely visible to many, perhaps because of the shared sense of being at the mercy of something unknown, uncontrollable and dangerous.  Many of us found some respite in the beauty, predictability and constancy of the natural world which in turn made us all more aware of how precious and at risk it is. The pandemic’s statistics also played a part in unmasking startling inequalities in our society, highlighting the link between social deprivation and the pandemic’s mortality rate as illustrated by Prof Marmot’s report ‘Build Back Fairer’.

Long periods of isolation to contain an invisible threat, fear for oneself and loved ones and the anguish of loss and mourning have all contributed to extensive pressures on the psyche. We are only just starting to process the sense of loss, grief and anger that has emerged. There is some hope for emotional, social and environmental post-traumatic growth and it will remain to be seen how much of it is possible. 

The format of the Conference - which will be a virtual event - will mirror the way we have been conducting most of our personal and professional relationships since March 2020, bringing the experience of exaggerated proximity on screen alongside the lack of physical presence. To counteract this, we have created more shared spaces, including social dreaming events, large group and increased time for discussion and plenaries. The large group, alongside Medical Psychotherapy COVID webinar, is a legacy of the Conference we lost in April 2020, illustrating that once the initial shock passes, it might be possible not only to salvage something but create something new.The large group, alongside the Medical Psychotherapy COVID webinar, is a legacy 

The conference will be opened by RCPsych President Dr Adrian James and speakers will include: 

• Professor Alessandra Lemma 
• Laurie Slade
• Professor Rosine Perelberg 
• Fakhry Davids 
• Mrs Sally Weintrobe 
• Susie Godsil
• Isobel Conlon
• Anne Amos
• Dr Penny Campling
• Dr Lynne Zeavin
• Dr Florian Ruth
• Associate Professor Alistair Ross

Presentations  include: The Empty Couch; Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement (Professor Rosine Perelberg); Obstacles to Diversity (Fakhry Davids); Being climate aware as a psychotherapist (Mrs Sally Weintrobe); Spirituality in Inner and Outer Landscapes (Associate Professor Alistair Ross) and Mommy, Are We Still on Earth: Coming Alive in a Hostile World (Dr Lynne Zeavin)

Group conductors: Dr Diana Menzies, Dr Chris Holman, Dr Rachel Gibbons and Dr Maria Papanastassiou

The conference will offer an online Large Group experience, meeting on Thursday and Friday at 2-3.30pm. These groups will take the form of a facilitated space to discuss reflections and help process reactions to the conference presentations along with linking them to wider experiences. There will be two parallel groups running: 

  • Please note that due to limited spaces delegates can only register for either the Thursday session or the Friday. 
  • 75 spaces are available on each session. 


Group A - for Higher Trainees in Medical Psychotherapy and Consultants in Medical Psychotherapy currently engaged in service delivery or training

  • This group will include the participants of the existing monthly online group and others who meet the criteria above. It will allow a continuing shared reflection, focusing on the conference. It will be facilitated by Diana Menzies and Chris Holman, senior members of the Faculty and  Group Analysts.


Group Z - for all other delegates

  • This is a stand-alone group for those delegates who are not eligible for group A. It will be an opportunity to reflect with others on the experience of the Conference, and to think about how what you hear relates to your wider experiences. We are delighted to confirm that the group will be conducted by Dr Rachel Gibbons, a senior member of the Faculty and a Group Analyst. 

Spaces are limited to 75 attendees, and please note that due to limited spaces, each participant can only register for one of the groups, either Thursday or Friday. 

Please note: both Groups will be confidential, and what is said in the groups will not be recorded in any form, nor discussed outside the Conference except in Group A as part of the continuing group process. As a member of the group you are asked to respect this confidentiality, which is essential if you are to use the groups freely.

The conference will offer two social dreaming events, taking place at 08:00am on Thursday and Friday morning.

These hosted events will offer a creative space to explore themes relating to the conference (although not necessarily exclusively) via the social dreaming matrix.

To attend one of these sessions, it is essential that you have attended the Wednesday evening lecture on social dreaming.

  • Please note that due to limited spaces delegates can only register for either the Thursday session or the Friday. 
  • 24 spaces are available on each session. 

The conference will take place online using Zoom as a webinar.

Participants will be able view a video of the speaker and alongside any slides. Participants can also pose questions, where the programme allows, and some speakers may use polling or other interactive features. 

All registered participants will have access to a recording for up to two months after the event. 

The webinar is taking place online via Zoom. To take part you will need:  

  • Access to a reliable internet connection  
  • A PC, laptop, tablet or phone  
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser or Zoom installed on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone  
You do not need to have a Zoom account to attend.  

Some users may experience difficulty joining Zoom meetings due to security settings. If this is the case, we suggest you select the option to join via a web browser, rather than the Zoom app. If you cannot join on your computer you can still join on your phone.  Please take a look at this helpful guide on how to join a Zoom meeting.   

It is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood the guidelines before the event.

Our call for posters has now closed, and authors will be contacted shortly.

Please read our terms and conditions before making your booking.

For further information, please contact:

Email: leah.charlton@rcpsych.ac.uk

Contact Name: Leah Charlton

Contact number: 02086184127

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Location: Online event

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