July ArtSIG Lunchtime Workshop: Quick Assemblage with Ollie Bragg


July ArtSIG Lunchtime Workshop

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July ArtSIG Lunchtime Workshop: Quick Assemblage with Ollie Bragg

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This is a workshop for creating quick assemblage sculptures from office material and equipment. The aim of this will be to experiment with form, juxtaposition and to rearrange the familiar and mundane environment both playfully and subversively.

The workshop will be an investigation into what a sculpture can be: not something fixed but ephemeral, participatory, and very playful. We will consider the history of assemblage sculpture, that which is comprised of "found" objects that are arranged in such a way that they create a piece of art and look at the artists who have used this method.

Participants will be encouraged to have fun, disengage with their work for an hour to shift the familiar on its head and look at the world differently. The seriousness of the day job will be dissolved leaving a space where pieces can be created that beam with fresh possibility and energy. This displacement will make way for humour and verve.

Materials: Any objects and materials you have to hand from around your desk, office equipment and personal items.

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For further information, please contact:

Email: catriona.grant@rcpsych.ac.uk

Contact Name: Catriona Grant

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Location: Online