Faculty of Eating Disorders Psychiatry Online Conference 2020

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Poster gallery for Online Conference 5-6 November 2020

  1. Eating disorder symptoms as a form of self harm in adolescents admitted to a PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) - Dr Bushra Shakeel Ahmed, Dr Bisharda Angom

  2. An evaluation of cases accepted for Buckinghamshire CAMHS Eating Disorder Service assessment but not considered appropriate for the service - Dr Natalie Ashburner  Core Psychiatry Trainee, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust  Dr Joanna Holliday  Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Joint Clinical Lead  Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Child & Adolescent Eating Disorder Service   

  3. Inpatient experience on delivering a multidisciplinary treatment model for Type 1 diabetes and disordered eating - Dr Calin Cavaropol- CT2 trainee in psychiatry  Dr Laura Coglan- Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Eating Disorders

  4. Olanzapine in the Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa- A Systematic Review - Dr Parveen Chand, Dr Meghana Kulkarni, Dr Kapil Sayal and Dr Pallab Majumder

  5. Identifying possible causes for periods of high volumes of online searches related to eating disorders - Ben Clavey 

  6. Public and patient involvement in the design of a UK-wide survey for close others of patients with an eating disorder - Hannah Cribben, Pamela Macdonald, Janet Treasure, Rachel Batchelor, Dasha Nicholls, Erica Cini, Carol Kan 

  7. Case Series of the effects of COVID - 19 on Oaktrees Eating Disorder Ward – Lessons Learnt - Dr Eleanor Gaynor, Dr Matthew Cahill

  8. Patients’ perspectives on alternative treatment and future research directions in eating disorders - Dr Fiona Harding, Dr Mathieu Seynaeve, Prof Janet Treasure, Dr Carol Kan

  9. Early warning systems in inpatient anorexia nervosa: A validation of the MARSIPAN‐based modified early warning system - Konstantinos Ioannidis, Jaco Serfontein, Julia Deakin, Melanie Bruneau, Anya Ciobanca, Leah Holt, Sarah Snelson, Jan Stochl

  10. A case study of oral aversion following violent trauma in a 16 year old - Dr Gursharan Johal, Dr Alona Weir, Dr Mindy Reeves

  11. Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa in Young People with Autism: A Literature Review - Aneesa I Karim

  12. The impact of exam stress on the relationship between autistic traits and disordered eating behaviours - Naomi Law & Dr. Barbara Dritschel

  13. Do UK Doctors have adequate knowledge and training on Anorexia Nervosa? - Aamna Malik

  14. A QIP to Improve patient safety and confidence of junior doctors in managing common blood abnormalities found in eating disorders - Dr Iris McIntosh supervised by Dr Minna Raikkonen 

  15. Severe electrolyte disturbance in anorexia nervosa with gastrointestinal complications: reading both the clinical evidence and the patient - Dr Grace Pike, Dr Claire Thomas, Dr Elena Eun-Ji Lee, Dr Ajoy Thachil, Professor Ulrike Schmidt

  16. Chesterfield CAMHS Eating Disorder Service: A Review of Referrals Over a One Year Period - Dr Helen Kate Scarf – ST6 CAMHS trainee. Dr Olga Kapellerova – Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Chesterfield CAMHS Eating Disorder Team. 

  17. Diets, Exclusion and Fitting In – The Prevalence of Diets of Exclusion Amongst Nursing Staff of a Specialist Inpatient Eating Disorder Unit - Dr Max Stirk

  18. The experience of patient dropout from eating disorders treatment: A systematic review and qualitative synthesis - Cecilia Vinchenzo (King’s IoPPN), Catherine McCombie (King’s IoPPN), Dr Vanessa Lawrence (King’s IoPPN) 

  19. Comorbidity of self-harm and disordered eating in young people: Evidence from a UK population-based cohort - Naomi Warne, Jon Heron, Becky Mars, Paul Moran, Anne Stewart, Marcus Munafò, Lucy Biddle, Andy Skinner, David Gunnell, Helen Bould

  20. Defining ‘weight-restored’: how can we know when children and adolescents recovering from eating disorders have reached their healthy weight? A service evaluation - Dr Anna Whiteside  Dr Jonathan Rabbs


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