PTC Supported and Valued
24-25 January 2019

Download the speaker presentations and course materials from the conference. 


Conference booklet:

S&V Conference Booklet 2019 (pdf)



A guide for trainees observing tribunals (pdf) 

Tips for giving evidence at Mental Tribunal Hearings (pdf)

Wheel of work (docx)


Thursday 24 January -

Speaker Presentations:

Dr Alex Till - What have we done and what do we still need (pdf)

Professor Dinesh Bhugra - Mental Health and Wellbeing of Doctors (pdf)

Dr Caroline Walker - How to be a joyful doctor (pdf)

Dr Joan Rutherford - The trainee guide to tribunals (pdf)

Dr John Russell - Update on Curriculum review (pdf)

Dr Adrian James - Challenges facing psychiatry & the future of mental health workforce (pdf)

Dr Chris O'Loughlin - Life as a Head of School (pdf)


Dr Vicky Cleak - Everyone seems to be talking about it, but what is mentoring and coaching and how can either help me (pdf) 

Friday 25 January -

Speaker Presentations:

Dr Arun Chidambaram - Implementing a just culture in healthcare (pdf)

Dr Jenny Vaughan - The case for a Just Culture in Healthcare (pdf)


Dr Mike Farquhar - Staying safe: The importance of sleep

Dr Rory Conn - Getting the consultant job you want and life beyond training (pdf)

Dr Ross Runciman & Dr Russell Gibson - A Guide to ST4 Applications (pdf)

Dr Sara Davies - How to make working Less Than Full Time work for all (pdf)

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