Section 12 and Approved Clinician Training

Refresher courses

If your Approved Clinician or Section 12 approval period is due to expire before 31 March 2021, you will be granted a 12 month extension period. Read further details on the temporary extension

We are hoping to run online refresher courses early in 2021. Please register your interest to receive updates on future courses.

Induction courses

Booking has now opened for our upcoming Section 12 (2) and Approved Clinician Induction courses, taking place online throughout November and December 2020.

Section 12 (2) Induction: Find out more about the online course and book your place

Approved Clinician Induction: Find out more about the online course and book your place

Please note: Attending one of these courses is only part of the process to becoming accredited.

We would strongly advise you to check with your local  NHS Specialist Mental Health Approvals Lead  for information on the criteria for approval/re-approval, and to confirm which course is suitable for your requirements before registering for a course.

If you have any queries, please read our Approved Clinician FAQs or Section 12 FAQs . If you can't find the answer to your question there, please contact