Pre-course reading - Section 12(2) Induction

Please see below the recommended pre-course reading for the course. We will refer to these resources throughout the course, so familiarity with their content will support/facilitate learning. The Mental Health Act Code of Practice and Reference Guide are useful resources for reference in your practice.


We also have the following video-based module on Trainees Online (TrOn) covering giving evidence at mental health tribunals which you may find useful, in addition to a recent CPD Online (CPDO) podcast covering the response of mental health tribunals to the COVID-19 emergency:
CPD Online (CPDO) Podcast: Mental Health Tribunals: response to the COVID-19 emergency. Royal College of Psychiatrists. [ website]
Tribunals Judiciary, South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust (2018) Mental health tribunals: giving evidence. Trainees Online (TrOn), Royal College of Psychiatrists. [website]

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