Why and how we are measuring our sustainable outputs this year

We all know that the impact of climate change is severe. Climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss are interconnected factors which individually and collectively have a profoundly destructive impact on human and planetary health. Our actions and their impacts will be inherited by the generations to come.

Therefore, In line with the College's position on sustainability we will this year be looking to measure the outputs of our International Congress, with the aim to produce a plan to improve the environmental impact of the event in the coming years.

What will we be measuring

We will primarily be looking to gain oversight over the environmental impact of our International Congress through measuring both our emissions and waste.

We will be working closely with our event venue, the EICC, to capture our carbon outputs over the duration of the event. In addition we will be measuring our waste outputs and how much of it is reused and recycled. We will also be recording the travel of our speakers, staff, delegates and suppliers.

Steps we are taking in 2022

While we are largely looking at measuring our environmental impact this year to make improvements for the future, we have already taken some steps to reduce our impact for the 2022 International Congress.

  • We have actively chosen suppliers local to the Congress venue to reduce the number of transport miles
  • We have consolidated our supply chains to reduce the number of potential suppliers
  • We are encouraging all staff, delegates and speakers to travel to the venue by train or car within the UK to avoid short flight journeys
  • We aim to use recyclable and/or reusable materials for our branding and signage throughout the venue
  • We will be working closely with the venue to explore the recycling streams available
  • We will be exploring more meat free options for our catering
  • We aim to be a single use plastic free event, and will use proper serveware that can be used again
  • We will be reducing the amount of printed material we use and hand out across the event. Making use of our new Congress app instead

How can you help?

We would very much like you to get involved in helping us to achieve our aims.

  • Let us know how you travelled to the Congress through our feedback form, this will help us record our travel emissions 
  • Read our guidance on travel and explore the alternatives to flying
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle to help us reduce single use plastic waste

Further information