Ways to follow Congress 2019

If you can't be there in person here are some ways in which you can follow what's happening at International Congress 2019 on social media.

We expect this year to be the best yet, especially as the College's Digital communications team this year have the support of six social media champions - all trainee psychiatrists - who will be blogging, tweeting, interviewing speakers, and generally helping to bring the event to life online.

Twitter twitter logo

We’ll be reporting throughout the four days from @rcpsych – just search for #RCPsychIC for the best coverage of talks, interviews and discussions.

Instagram Instagram logo

You can get exclusive video interviews, footage and pictures on Instagram@thercpsych

Facebook and Linkedin facebook logolinkedin logo

You can stay up to date with a round up of each day on our Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Youtube youtube logo

We'll be recording quick videos capturing the essence of each day which we will publish during Congress, as well as uploading video interviews between our social media champions and some of the speakers after the event - all on our Youtube channel


Each day we will be publishing a new blog article, in which one of our social media champions will give their own take on the activities taking place that day at Congress. See the blogs section of our website.