Social media

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is more important than ever! 

Read on to find out how you can boost engagement, reconnect with old colleagues, and make an impression on thousands of psychiatrists from across the globe during the International Congress.

Let people know that you are going!  

Let your friends and colleagues know that you will be attending this year’s Congress. Congress has always been a wonderful place to network, and this year will be no different. Through our interactive platform you will be able to catch up with colleagues and friends and make those all important new connections. 

The more the merrier, so highlight your attendance in one of these three ways: 

  1. Share the Twitter/Facebook templates in our social media toolkit on your personal platforms. Doing so will highlight your attendance to all your friends and followers
  2. Click ‘going’ on our Facebook event. The link can be found here (1) RCPsych International Congress 2021 | Facebook 
  3. Word of mouth. Although we are not meeting quite like we used to, we still find that word of mouth is the most successful marketing technique. Speak to your colleagues and help us make this year’s Congress the biggest one yet! 

Join the discussion! 

We post regularly on Twitter and Facebook; it would be great if you could retweet every now and again and create your own posts highlighting your thoughts.  

Perhaps you could share with us what session you are most excited for? Which keynote you are most looking forward to hearing from? Or perhaps you could share some of your favourite memories (and pictures) from previous International Congress’? 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RCPsychIC.  

If you are using Twitter you can engage with us directly by referencing our handle @rcpsych.

You might even see your post featured on our press wall during the live Congress! 

Social media resources

Download and share images from our social media toolkit to let people know you are attending this year's International Congress