Speaker Guidance

Your presentation will either be live or pre-recorded. Please refer to the speaker letter you received for your specific format. Whichever format, your session will still include a live Q&A section. 

Typically each session will be 75 minutes in length. This will allow for 20 minutes for each speaker followed by 15 minutes Q&A. Your session organiser may have decided on different timings so please check with them before preparing your talk.

We are working with a partner, International Conference Services (ICS) to help us deliver some elements of the Congress. They will be in touch with you to support with pre-recording and provide training on the platform we are using.

The platform training is a condition of presenting and you will need to have attended this before you present on the day.

To present at this year's Congress you will need to attend our platform training. We are using a specialised webinar platform that is different to Teams and Zoom so you will need to familiarise yourself with this.

For the best results during your presentation you will need the following:

  • A desktop, laptop or MAC
  • A strong internet connection
  • Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  • Any pop up blockers disabled
  • Cookies and Flash allowed
  • If you are using a company device, check whether there is a firewall installed and grant access to
  • Log off any VPN you are connected to
  • The use of headphones will significantly increase the audio quality

You can test your system using the following link https://event.webcasts.com/test

For the Intentional Congress this year we will be using a bespoke webinar platform, 6Connex, very different to MS Teams and Zoom. We therefore require you to take part in a training session before you present on the day.

If you are unable to attend any of the training sessions please ensure you watch the video below

6Connex Platform Introduction Training

You can also test your system prior to your presentation. If this highlights any issues you may need to contact your IT department or let us know and we can connect you with the relevant support at 6Connex.

Please read through the detailed PowerPoint guidance from our webinar providers.

When preparing your PowerPoint slides key points to remember are:

  • Use PowerPoint 2007 or later
  • Save as a .PPT or PPTX file
  • Use either Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9)
  • Remove any read only restrictions
  • Remove any password protection
  • Do not embed or insert Audio or Video files - if you would like to use video in your presentation please read the guidance below
  • Your font size should be at least 28 point or higher
  • The platform does not support timed animations. Any animations should be set 'on click'
  • Ensure your camera is centred and that you are visible from the chest up to a few inches over your head
  • Have a stopwatch ready so you can track your presentation time and stay within your allocated time
  • Lighting should come from in front of you rather than from behind you
  • Avoid backgrounds with harsh lighting, such as windows. If you do sit in front of a window please close the curtains/blinds
  • Avoid wearing colours such as green or yellow as this can affect any virtual backgrounds. Too many patterns on clothing can also be distracting
  • To mimic the in-person feeling of eye contact with attendees, try and look in to the camera when presenting
  • If your webcam is built into your computer/laptop make sure you have your slides open on the same screen to avoid looking away from the camera
  • If feasible, try standing up to present. This helps keep things dynamic and energetic
  • Don't get too close to the camera. Position yourself so the camera is seeing you from the chest or waist up instead of just seeing your face

You are able to use video in your presentation. In order to use video please make sure that it is not embed within your PowerPoint and sent to us as a separate file by 26 May. We will need to upload the video along with your PowerPoint slides into the platform.

Please read the full guidance below on types of video files we will be able to accept

Below are the recommended specs for videos.
  • File Type: MP4
  • Video Codec: H264
  • Video Bit Rate: 800kbps
  • Audio Codec: AAC
  • Audio Bit Rate: 96kbps/48khz mono
Below are some additional requirements and limitations for videos. Please follow these best practices to ensure 
you do not encounter an issue with your video files.
  • You can include up to 10 overlay videos per event
  • Supported File Types: 3GP, ASF, FLV, F4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MV4, WEBM, and WMV.
  • Videos are transcoded to MP4 for use in the presentation.
  • Maximum File Size: 10 GB per file
  • If you are uploading large/high bit rate video files, it is recommended to transcode the file to a lower size/bit rate
  • before uploading to improve the upload and processing time.
  • Minimum Video Duration: 15 seconds
  • Maximum Video Duration: No limitation
  • Audio: Videos require an audio track for upload. The audio track can be silent if preferred. Videos without an 
  • audio track will not process successfully.
  • Please note that we support all video resolutions, but we will transcode all videos to 800kbps.
  • Videos can be uploaded at any resolution (ex. 1080p), but that video will stream at 896kbps to viewers. The larger the dimension of the video, the lower the quality of playback. If you want to use a high resolution file, please review the quality of the uploaded file to make sure it meets your standards. If it does not, you need to decrease the dimensions of the file
To help us with the organisation of this conference, I would be grateful if you would please complete the following details: 

  • Speaker form to confirm key details regarding your talk and agree to our speaker terms – deadline 26 May 
  • Photograph (please email to congress@rcpsych.ac.uk) to be included in the Congress event platform, website and promotional materials – deadline 26 May
  • Declaration of competing interestsdeadline 26 May
  • Please complete our online form. If you have no interests to declare and are unable to complete the on-line form, a simple email to congress@rcpsych.ac.uk confirming that you do not have any interests to declare will suffice. Speakers will not be able to present at College events unless they submit their declaration of competing interests by the agreed deadline. 
  • PowerPoint presentation: This will need to be uploaded into the webinar platform prior to your presentation - deadline 26 May
  • Promotional information: please send us any links, photographs, videos, articles or any other available resources related to your session and we will use the information to promote it in advance. – deadline 26 May
Please feel free to connect with us on Social Media. We have created a handy toolkit of images which you can download and share.

Connect with us on Twitter @RCPsych and leave your comments using the Congress hashtag #RCPsychIC

We have created a Congress Facebook Event which we would like to use as a way for delegates, speakers and chairs to connect and discuss conference matters beforehand and perhaps even after too.

We would be most grateful if you could help us by:  
1) joining the Congress Facebook Page as ‘going’ and posting a comment on the wall 
2) sharing the Congress Facebook Page on your own wall

All sessions will be recorded whether live or pre-recorded and available to attendees for 6 months following the Congress. Only registered delegates will have access to this and your presentation will not be shared further.

The College owns the copyright to the recording of the presentations and we are not permitted to share these with speakers to use more widely. 

Please ensure that you have gained permission from any patients, service users or colleagues before including them in your presentation.

Please ensure that you have copyright permission for any images or tables which you are using in your presentation.

College meetings are open to invited members of the Press. If you do not wish all or part of your session to be reported in the press, please inform me by 20 April 2021

All chairs and presenters at College events are expected to uphold the College values, which are Courage, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration, Learning and Excellence.

Please follow this link to read more about the College values and behaviours. 

Please also ensure you have read our privacy policy and code of conduct prior to presenting.