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Professor Louis Appleby

Professor Louis Appleby

Professor of Psychiatry, Manchester University

leads the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England.  He is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manchester where he leads the Centre on Mental Health and Safety, investigating suicide, self-harm and other areas of risk. He is Director of the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health, a UK-wide study that aims to improve the safety of mental health care. 

From 2000-2010 he was National Director for Mental Health in England, playing a central role in reforming community care.  From 2010-2014 he was National Clinical Director for Health and Justice, leading the development of diversion services for offenders with mental health problems.  From 2013-2019 he was a non-executive director on the Board of the Care Quality Commission. In 2021 he was awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lifetime Achievement Award.

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