MC2 Launch of the Lancet Psychiatry Commission on violence abuse and mental health

Date: Monday 20 June
Time: 10.00 - 11.55
Stream: Psychopharmacology

The Lancet Psychiatry Commission on Violence Abuse and Mental Health involves a cross-disciplinary consortium who have met over a two year period to discuss how mental health services could address the violence and abuse experienced by service users with a focus on domestic violence. The commission includes an evidence based review about the relationship between intimate partner violence and mental health problems across the life course, trasnformation of the mental health system to address IPV and a section on addressing gender inequality and societal responses to IPV internationally. There will be brief presentations by some of the authors followed by a discussion with a cross-disciplinary panel and the audience. Delegates will learn about recent developments in the field and know more about resources that they and their teams can use to address IPV experienced by mental health users.

Chaiir: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry

Background to the Lancet Psychiatry Commission

Professor Louise Howard, King's College London

IPV across the lifecourse

Professor Helen Fisher, King's College London

Action against violence from a World Health Organisation perspective

Dr Claudia Garcia-Moreno, World Health Organisation

Professor Felicity Callard

Professor Marion Henderson


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