S111 From the Editor's Desk- How to get published

Date: Thursday 13 July
Time: 2.40pm - 3.55pm
Stream: Education and training

Submitting your first paper and understanding the inner workings of journal publishing can be daunting. This session brings together five Editors-in-Chief of leading and diverse Psychiatry Journals. The Editors will help delegates understand the basics of journal publishing and how to structure papers. They will also outline and discuss the differences between their journals and how authors can choose the most suitable journal to which to submit their paper. The Editors will describe their approaches to judging quality and impact of submissions, initial screening for peer review, research integrity and why some like a cover letter, and some don't.

This session will be a mix of presentations, panel discussions and a quick fire round; putting the Editors on the spot on what they like/don't like to see in a submission.

This session will help you understand:

  • Basic publishing process
  • How to choose a journal
  • The differences between journals
  • Publishing issues relating to research integrity
  • How to communicate the impact of your work in a paper




Please email congress@rcpsych.ac.uk or call 020 8618 4120 with any enquiries.