S22 ‘On being me’- understanding mental health of LGBT people

Date: Tuesday 11 July
Time: 4.10pm - 5.25pm
Stream: Education and training

In this symposium, three unique and inspiring speakers will present their journey of navigating barriers relating to LGBT identity, and about creating mental health and wellbeing support for LGBT people.

LGBT people have higher prevalence of mental health difficulties, compared to rest of the population. Yet, most of us know little about the challenges and barriers they experience. This symposium will challenge us by identifying gaps in our knowledge, skills, and attitudes, while inviting us to learn how psychiatrists can help and enable LGBT healthcare.

In "On being me" Deb shares her story of being lost and found in her identity as a lesbian and a woman. Through our judgements and understanding- or the lack of it, her story challenges us to question what she describes as 'being human' and 'love' and what we understand as care and well-being.

Dr Sameera Jahagirdar will be discussing her experience of rejection, acceptance, and finding joy, while facing ongoing challenges as a Transgender person.

Tim Foskett will speak about the impact of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia on peoples’ lived experience and the value of LGBTQ+ sub-cultural awareness and competence for mental health professionals.

This session will help you

  • Understand challenges, discrimination, and stigma towards LGBT identities
  • Understand the effect of these challenges on mental health and well-being
  • Identify the gaps in your knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Learn how you can better help and enable LGBT healthcare
  • Generate academic and research interest

Chair: Pavan Joshi, RCPsych, Rainbow LGBT SIG Chair, London, United Kingdom

'On being me'

Deborah Harman, Ex CEO Ambulance Services, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Transgender journey with healthcare

Sameera Jahagirdar, West Middlesex University Hospital, London, United Kingdom

The impact of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia; and the value of LGBTQ+ sub-cultural awareness and competence

Tim Foskett, North London Group Therapy, London, United Kingdom

Please email congress@rcpsych.ac.uk or call 020 8618 4120 with any enquiries.