How do I register?

Now the RCPsych 2023 International Congress has passed, we are working hard to bring you the recording package from the event. We have recorded all sessions, where speakers have given permission, for you to watch back in your own time or catch up on things that you might have missed.

If you booked to attend the whole Congress the recording package was included in your ticket price. We will send you an email, once the package is ready, with full details on how to access the recordings.

If you purchased a day ticket to the Congress you will need to pay and additional fee to purchase the recording package. You will be sent a link, giving you a 25% discount, once the recording package is ready.

If you didn't attend the Congress at all and you want to watch any of the lectures you can purchase the full package.

You can find a list of the fees below.

Please be aware that the recording package will be a recording of the sessions only and you will not be able to interact with any of the other delegates or ask questions to the speakers.

How much will the recording package cost?

Fees for the Congress recordings vary depending on several factors. If you purchased a whole Congress ticket you will automatically have access to the recordings at no additional charge. If you booked to attend just one day of the Congress you will be entitled to a 25% discount for the whole Congress recording package - this code will be emailed to you once the recording package is available for purchase.

If you are not based in the UK and not yet a member of the College, you may benefit from becoming an International Member. International members have access to a multitude of resources to continue their professional development, including reduced booking fees for our Congress.

 Standard rateDiscounted rate*
Non-member of RCPsych£530£398
Consultant or locum consultant**£480£360
ST4/5/6 and SAS Doctors**£400£300
Foundation doctors and student associates**£100£83


* The discounted rate is only available to those who have already purchased a day ticket for the 2023 International Congress

**Fee only available if you are a member, fellow, affiliate of RCPsych

***Fee available to members of the RCPsych or retired or reduced membership fees, inc. members residing in band C or D countries

Please email or call 020 8618 4120 with any enquiries.