Chair Guidance

The 2024 International Congress is an in-person event so we expect all chairs to be at the Congress in person. If you are unable to attend the event please liaise with your session organiser to find an alternative replacement.

Typically each session will be 75 minutes in length. This will allow for 20 minutes for each speaker followed by 15 minutes Q&A. Your session organiser may have decided on different timings so please check with them before preparing your talk. As the Chair you will be required to introduce the session and each speaker as well as facilitate the Q&A

Timekeeping is critical

Sessions should commence on time even if the audience members are still arriving. 

If it is not possible to start your session on time, please make sure it finishes on time regardless

Please give speakers a two minute warning before the end of their talk. The session should not overrun.


  • If you are using PowerPoint slides for your introduction or any part of your session please read through our presentation best practice beforehand
  • Please outline the timings of the session at the start
  • If possible please encourage some short breaks during your session to allow people to stand up, get some water and refresh in-between presentations
  • Please ensure you stick to time and start your session on time even if the audience members are still arriving. If it is not possible to start your session on time, please ensure it finishes on time regardless


Where appropriate you should leave ample time for Q&A during the session.

This year for Q&A we will be using the Congress app, which will provide an interactive platform to collect questions from audience members. There will be a screen available for you in your session for you to view the questions. There will also be a room manager in the room to assist you in getting the Q&A set up. Please encourage all delegates to submit questions via the app.

To help us with the organisation of this conference, I would be grateful if you would please complete the following details: 

  • Speaker form - deadline 28 March 2024
    to confirm key details regarding your talk and agree to our speaker terms
  • Declaration of competing interests – deadline 26 April 2024
    If you have no interests to declare and are unable to complete the on-line form, a simple email to confirming that you do not have any interests to declare will suffice. Speakers will not be able to present at College events unless they submit their declaration of competing interests by the agreed deadline. 

All speakers, facilitators and chairs are invited to attend the meeting free of charge on the day of their presentation. The full daily fees will apply for any other day(s) or social events attended. You can book any additional days you would like to attend on our  website.

All speakers will have access to the session recordings for the whole Congress regardless of which days they attend.

Please ensure you complete our  speaker form to confirm your registration

If you have any accessibility requirements or need any reasonable adjustments made for you to comfortably present at the Congress please ensure you include this information on your completed speaker form.

We have also put together a venue guide which you may wish to explore prior to attending the Congress.

If you wish to discuss anything in further detail please contact our Congress Manager, Katie Newton (e:; t: 0208 618 4144)

Please feel free to connect with us on Social Media. We have created a  handy toolkit of images which you can download and share.

All sessions will be recorded, where you have given us permission to do so. The recordings will be available to purchase for 6 months following the Congress. Only paying delegates will have access to this and your presentation will not be shared further.

It is not possible for us to edit the recording after the event so please ensure that you are happy for everything contained within your slides to be shared in this way. The recording of your presentation belongs to the Royal College of Psychiatrists and cannot be shared with you following the event for personal use, training purposes or such like. The content of your presentation belongs to you and you are welcome to present the same presentation elsewhere.

Please ensure that you have gained permission from any patients, service users or colleagues before including them in your presentation.

Please ensure that you have copyright permission for any images or tables which you are using in your presentation.

College meetings are open to invited members of the Press. If you do not wish all or part of your session to be reported in the press, please inform me by 26 April 2024

All chairs and presenters at College events are expected to uphold the College values, which are Courage, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration, Learning and Excellence.

Please follow this link to read more about the College values and behaviours. 

Please also ensure you have read our privacy policy and code of conduct prior to presenting.