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This website has been created by a working group comprising members of several medical Royal Colleges, with funding from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, to support provision of integrated physical and mental healthcare.


It follows from the Academy’s report, No Health without Mental Health, which emphasised the “need to strengthen both the provision of mental health care to people with physical illness and the quality of physical health care provided to people with mental health problems in general hospitals and primary care.”


Each of the four sub-sections of the site contains links to key resources likely to be of use to clinicians, and also to patients and commissioners. The links in each sub-section have been selected by panels of clinicians with expertise in the relevant area (listed below), with the site as a whole edited by Professor Linda Gask, Professor of Primary Care Psychiatry at Manchester University.


If you have any comments on the site or ideas for further resources to include, please contact us.



Site Editor: Professor Linda Gask


Medically Unexplained Symptoms


Dr Graham Ash*
Dr Alan Carson
Dr Jon Stone
Dr Dave Tomson
Gareth Howel
* Lead


Children and Young People

Dr Soumitra Shankar Datta*
Dr Teresa Lax-Pericall
Dr Simon Chapman
Dr Martha Ford-Adams
Dr Peter Hindley
Dr Sebastian Kraemer
Dr Avril Washington
Dr Jane Roberts
* Lead


Long Term Conditions


Dr Alan Cohen*

Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham

Professor Andre Tylee

Dr John Hague

Dr David Osborn

Dr Alison Beck

Professor R Holt
* Lead


Physical Health in Adults


Dr Irene Cormac*
Dr Geoff Marston*
Ms Sue Coffee
Ms Sheila Hardy
Dr David Osborn
Dr Renata Rowe
Dr David Shiers
* Joint leads
Mental health problems in acute physical Health


Elena Baker-Glenn - lead (psychiatry)

Adedolapo Ademola - psychiatry

Alice Lomax - psychiatry

Rachel Mason – GP

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