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Long Term Conditions

Clinical Guidance


Depression in Long Term Conditions

  • Depression in long term physical conditions

    The treatment and management of depression in adults with chronic physical health problems (partial update of NICE CG23).  Case identification and recognition p18 Specific advice on antidepressant  medication p26



  • Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes in children, young people and adults NICE (2004) Psychosocial aspects of diabetes are addressed from p 29 
  • Type 2 diabetes NICE Guidelines (2008) Depression care in section 6


  • Diabetes SIGN 116 (2010) extensive range of resources.


Cardiovascular Disease



  • Stroke SIGN 118 (updated 2011) Disturbance of mood and emotional behaviour p43 Sexuality p46 Roles of the multidisciplinary team p56


  • Heart disease: covering acute coronary syndromes,[ patient support and information needs p5] arrhythmias, [psychosocial aspects of care  p14] chronic heart failure, [behavioural modification p14, palliative care p19] stable angina [psychological and cognitive issues p25]  and risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease [psychosocial issues p30] SIGN 93-97 (2007)



COPD and Asthma

  • COPD NICE Guidelines (2010) the need for multidisciplinary management including treatment of anxiety and depression is discussed on p 30 onwards 






  • SIGN guidelines on lower respiratory tract infection SIGN 59 (2003).


  • SIGN guideline on the management of asthma. SIGN 101. 2014  Behavioural and adverse psychosocial factors were recorded in the majority of patients who died of asthma



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