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Children and Young People

Children and Young People



In the last one hundred years, the dichotomy between mind and body has increasingly been found to be unhelpful and not based on scientific evidence. On the one hand, children and young people with medical illnesses are at an increased risk for emotional disorders. At times, the emotional and behavioral symptoms can be the early manifestation of the medical illness. On the other hand, with increased recognition and survival, treatment of medical conditions in young persons having a psychiatric/neuro-developmental disorder such as autism, can prove to be a challenge in itself. Integrated working between general practitioners, generalist and specialist paediatricians, psychologists, child psychiatrists, specialist nursing staff and other professionals is encouraged while looking after young people with chronic physical, neurodevelopmental or life threatening illnesses.


This has been particularly emphasised in the care of young people with diabetes, cancer, respiratory conditions and epilepsy. There is growing evidence base to support this in terms of improving treatment adherence, treating procedural anxieties and improve coping with the illness within the family. This website is aimed at helping young people, professionals, and commissioners to understand this complex interface of care and point them towards existing resources in the internet across the world.



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