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Physical Health in Adults

Clinical Guidance


  • New report from the General and Community Faculty providing advice on what can be done to improve physical health care




Physical illness in patients with severe mental disorders: 

Reviews produced by the World Psychiatric Association:




Mental disorders and associated physical conditions


  • Anxiety: Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders with or without agoraphobia NICE CG 113 (2011)  Relationship of generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) to physical co-morbidities p16-17, Primary care detection of GAD in people with chronic physical illness p23, Identification of GAD in people with chronic physical disorders or when patient seeks reassurance for physical symptoms in absence of a physical disorder p 82-83, Assessing carer’s physical needs in people with GAD p90,  Effectiveness of physical activity in GAD p140,  Side effects of pharmacological treatments for GAD , including cardiovascular, sexual dysfunction, weight and bleeding p274


Bipolar Disorder

  • Bipolar Disorder NICE CG 185 (2014)  Monitoring physical health in primary care p19 Physical healthcare in secondary care p30


  • Depression in adults NICE CG 90 (2010) Guidance on depression in adults Depression as a risk factor for physical mortality, morbidity and health outcomes p 22, Physical illness and its impact on depression p26, Role of physical activity programmes in treating depression p190-213, Cardiotoxicity of antidepressants  and co-morbidity of depression and cardiovascular disease p 457-462, Summary includes recommendations for screening for depression in those with chronic physical health problems p565



Eating disorders

  • Eating disorders : Identification, treatment and management of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and atypical eating disorders  NICE CG 69 (2010) Summary of physical management p60, Physical aspects of eating disorders, p62, of anorexia nervosa p66, of bulimia nervosa p70, Treatment of physical aspects of anorexia nervosa p94-105, bulimia nervosa p141-150




  • Psychosis and Schizophrenia NICE CG 178 (2014) monitoring of physical healthcare by GPs when responsibility transferred to primary care p8 Physical health care- issues to be addressed p11 Physical issues to be addressed in choice and use of antipsychotic medication p19 Monitoring of physical heath primary care p29


Self Harm



  • Poisons information: TOXBASE ® Data base of Clinical Toxicology from the National Poisons Information Service UK. Only for use by health professionals who register to join and obtain a password



Substance Misuse






Genetic Disorders



  • Fragile X Society: Information for patients, carers and health professionals, and leaflets.





Essential physical health guidelines



  • Guidance from SIGN on different forms of cancer






  • Head Injury The management of head injuries in adults and children, i.e. what to do before a patient reaches hospital, who should go to hospital, what checks should be done and the care that people should receive within 48 hrs of head injury NICE CG 176 (2014) 



  • Hypertension NICE CG 127 (2011) replaces earlier NICE guidance







  • Orthopaedics: links to SIGN guidance on management of early rheumatoid arthritis; hip fracture in older people; osteoporosis




  • Sepsis: Surviving sepsis campaign aims to save lives in this potentially deadly condition: click on Sepsis 6 for six steps to treat sepsis. For the treatment Algorithm, click on links/resources and go to Sepsis Care Pathway








  • Surgery: Management of acute upper and lower Gastro-intestinal bleeding; antibiotic prophyllaxis in surgey; post-operative management in adults guidlines from SIGN


  • Venous thromboembolism: an algorithm for reducing the risk-  applicable to adults admitted to hospital NICE CG 92 (2010)







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