Responding to coronavirus

This page contains information for psychiatrists on the emerging situation regarding coronavirus.

We are committed to ensuring our members have the guidance they need. The GOV.UK website currently provides the most up to date information for clinicians, including:

  • background information on the virus
  • latest statements and news on confirmed cases
  • information on infection control and prevention
  • guidance on self-isolation for patients undergoing testing
  • information for the public. 


Further materials are being prepared to support clinicians and services with communications to the public. There will also be FAQs for personnel in the front line. These resources will be available via this page as soon as they are published. 

How is information being coordinated? 

There are robust plans in place to deal with this situation, however it develops across the whole of the UK.

  • In England, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is setting up regular calls with College Presidents to update them on the emerging situation.  CMOs in the Devolved nations are also in contact with Colleges in their jurisdictions. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is co-ordinating communication with the CMO and Public Health England. 
  • In Wales, the Welsh CMO has been in contact with Royal Colleges through the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales. Public Health Wales are also issuing daily updates.
  • In Northern Ireland, members will be kept updated in due course following direction and updates from the CMO (NI) and the DoH. 
  • In Scotland, the CMO is writing to Health boards today (Friday 31st Jan) and we members should take advice from their local Public Health leads who will be issuing regular updates.
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