Fourth round of audit (2018-2019)

NAD Round 4 (2018-2019)

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NAD Round 4 2018-2019

Data collection for round 4 has now closed. 


Data collection for round 4 is now closed and the report will be released in Spring 2019.

View the outline timetable for Round 4 (pdf).

Round 4 standards

Round 4 will mostly be a repeat of Round 3, with some additions and changes based on feedback from participants, Service User Review Panels and the Steering Group.

View the Round 4 standards (pdf) that will be audited during this round of the National Audit of Dementia.

Data collection tools in Round 4

As in Round 3, Round 4 will have:

Guidance for data collection tools

Scoring guidance

Scoring was used in Round 3 of the audit. This will be repeated in Round 4 for easy comparison between hospitals on the different themes of the audit. The Round 4 National Report will compare results and scores for each hospital with the results from Round 3. See the guidance for the scoring system (pdf).



Average hospital scores across England and Wales (NAD Round 3)


Round 4 includes a spotlight audit module which is likely to be on psychotropic medication prescription, this module will form part of the Quality Account in 2019.

Registration for the spotlight audit is due to open in summer 2019 with data collection commencing towards the end of the year. Further details will be provided in due course. 

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